"Once you go metal, you won't want to settle." -Tagline

XJ-9:Teenage Robot is a upcoming 2019 American live action CGI science fiction adventure film based on the 2003 series.



When the death of daughter of a lone scientist struck, she create as superpower machine that acquires to defend the earth against any threats and even criminals,when all of a sudden, Tuck's baseball was thrown at the window of Jenny's house. Tuck came across Jenny inside the house but got scared meanwhile sinister forces from the past re-emerges in attempt to take over the earth.


The film had been in development since 2009 at Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks originally it was going to be directed by Michael Bay and it was planned to be realized in winter 2011 however in late 2010 the flim was cancelled due to the unfavorable reviews/major flop of The Last Airbender That being the reason why DreamWorks left Paramount and Nickelodeon, the fans of MLAATR and Robert Renzetti didn't want Michael Bay to ruin the film causing so the original version was scrapped until Jon Favreau would work on the film for the NCU.

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