Willesden Lane: the animated series is an American Comedy-Musical-Animated-SCIence Fiction television series created by Alex Strachan and Joseph Goes And is a continuation of the 2001 book The Children Of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek. It was dedicated to the characters of the book, consisting of Lisa Jura-Golabek, Hans Blindman, Johnny No-Legs, Aaron Miller, Günter McVan, Sarah Cohen, And is set after the events of WW2, where the characters are now in their adulthood.

The Show is aired on Nickelodeon‘s The Wrong Turn block, The Bloo Detour, MTV, Comedy Central, YTV’s XTV block, Netflix@nite, Joseph Goes Network’s [good nites] block, and Teletoon Over The Moon.

For the 6th season, Joseph Goes noticed that the show may need more than 8 channels to air on, so he aired the 6th season and 7th season on XBeebies on BBC, and continued to air on that channel. However, the 9th season had to air on Gumball Network’s [adult night] block.

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