What if Teletoon was brazilian beacause you known is canadian? well here is that what happen. if it was

  • Teletoon would've been original series in 2000s on TV Cultura and SBT like Oswaldo, Carrossel, Cocorico, Irmão do Jorel and Gigablaster. Before this have other brazilian cartoons like Mongo e Drongo in 1995 and other 2000 shows like Cúmplices de um Resgate, Vila Sésamo, DPA Detetives do Prédio, Ninjin and Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum.
  • Teletoon was aired this Brazilian shows on The Bloo Family, The Bloo Jr. and The Bloo. officially The Bloo DeTour have a brazilian Teletoon show called "Chaves e Seus Amigos".
  • TBA
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