We know that Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures are two of the many proud motion picture companies of the Japanese company, Sony. But what if they were sold by Sony and bought by Verizon Media? This is what would've happened.


  • Columbia and TriStar would be able to distribute their own films again like they did back in their heydays; way before Sony Pictures Releasing took over distribution in 1995.
  • If the company buys Columbia, it will have its own spun-off divisions:
    • Columbia Feature Animation will be founded as a label of Verizon and the majority of Sony Pictures Animation's films that were distributed by Columbia will be moved to the studio.
    • Columbia Television will be created as a label of Verizon Television, in charge of distributing the television series and anime formerly owned by Sony Pictures Television.
  • Verizon would sell off Funimation and the company would be acquired by Otter Media.
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