Trolls: World Tour is a TBA  American animated musical fantasy comedy-adventure hand-drawn/stop-motion animated film that utilizes a combination of traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion animation. 

It is directed by Tim Burton, Ean Manley, TBA, and Mike Mitchell. The film's ensemble voice cast consists of TBA

Trolls: World Tour premiered at El Capitan Theatre and it was released in theaters on October 6, 1998. Met with positive reviews like its predecessor with praise for its animation, musical score vocal performances, and story the film grossed $719.8 million worldwide. It scored the largest opening for an animated film at the time of its release. It is considered by critics to be one of few sequel films superior to the original and is frequently featured on lists of the greatest animated films ever made.


A tribe of Techno Trolls are attacked by Barb, the queen of the Rock Trolls, in the midst of a rave. Meanwhile, Poppy, the queen of the Pop Trolls, receives an invitation from Barb that summons all 6 Troll tribes to a party for them to reunite their music. Poppy’s father, King Peppy, explains to her that each tribe is represented by a different type of music: those being Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country, and Rock, and each tribe has a magical string kept by their leader that powers their specific kind of music. However, Barb intends to steal all six strings and using them all to destroy all other music to unite the trolls under rock music.

Poppy takes their tribe's string and goes on a mission to unite the other trolls, bringing along Branch, who is seeking to express his feelings towards her, and Biggie, a stowaway who was tempted by cotton candy. En route to Volcano Rock City, the trio wind up in Lonesome Flats, the home of the Country trolls. After hearing how despondent and downbeat their music is, they try to cheer them up with a pop medley, but only wind up in jail. Hickory, a smooth-talking Country troll, comes to their rescue and builds them a raft to take them to the Volcano Rock City. On the way, they encounter Chaz, a bounty hunter sent by Barb to capture Poppy in favor of getting his own little music habitat, prompting Biggie to leave.

Meanwhile, Cooper, a troll resembling a giraffe, discovers that there are more trolls out there just like him. He embarks on a quest to find them, but after a series of crazy events, he passes out, alone in the desert, until a spaceship beams him up, where it’s revealed that Cooper is one of the princes of the Funk trolls who had been lost as an egg and raised by the pop tribe.

The group then gets abducted by the same spaceship Cooper got sucked up into. Inside, they meet the Funk trolls, who tell Poppy that the it was the Pop Trolls who tried to unite the others under their pop music, forcing each tribe to take their string and divide themselves. They tell Poppy that differences do matter. The Rock Trolls hijack the ship and steal the Funk String, causing the Funk trolls to eject the group in bubbles. Poppy and Branch get captured by the remaining bounty hunters, and the Pop String gets taken by Hickory, who was secretly a Yodeler troll, with his partner Dickory stowing away in his hind legs. The Pop trolls go to save Poppy and Branch after a pep talk from Biggie.

Barb has Poppy imprisoned over a large concert stage where all the captured Trolls are the audience. She uses her guitar with all six strings to turn all the other trolls into Rock zombies. Poppy is seemingly transformed but is revealed to have been wearing makeshift earplugs out of gumdrops, a move she learned from Hickory. Poppy admonishes Barb for being a poor queen by not taking time to listen to her people and smashes the guitar. While it snaps the possessed trolls out of their rock zombie state, it destroys the strings, stopping the flow of music, and taking the trolls’ colors with it. Barb blames Poppy for destroying music and ruining everything.

Cooper then hears his heartbeat over a microphone and creates a rhythmic beat with it, other trolls joining in with other forms of sound-making, reviving the power of their music while Poppy encourages everyone to sing together as their colors are restored. Realizing how important other forms of music are and encouraged by her father Thrash, the repentant Barb joins in, regaining her colors, and eagerly accepts Poppy's offer of friendship.

Branch finally confesses his love to Poppy, who gladly reciprocates his feelings. While back at the Pop village, everyone performs together, and all Trolls are finally reunited while celebrating their differences.


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