Season 1 (2017-2018)

No. Overall Title Original air date Description Seggemnts
"Patrick Star vs. the Forces of Evil"
"Super Mario DDS"
November 10, 2017 Patrick Star vs. the Forces of Evil: TBA

Super Mario DDS: After Bowser burning down the Mushroom Kingdom Castle Mairo takes Luigi, Toad, Peach, and Yosi on a cross-country road trip.

Other Sketches: "W. Loves Tacos", "Santa Crash", "Rachael Leigh Cook’s New PSA", "Powared Toastman Smoking", "Cut Down in His Sponge", "The World's Most One-Sided Fistfights", "Oz Prison Violence", "X-Span Request Live", "I'm So Hungry", "Bloopers!", The Bieber Bowl, Tree Gets a New Carving, Rejected Toy Story 4, Dog vs. Cat, Judge Flintstone,Celebrities Without Their Make-Up and Cringeworthy Junk
"Rick and Simpy"
"The Spongebob's"
November 17, 2010 TBA Other Skits: "Seth Mcfarlan and Me", "Giraffes and Trains Don't Mix", "Hey! Kool-Aid (Space)", "You Got Robo-Served", "Stalin and Me", "Protection?", "Scary Barney", "Secrets of the Animal Kingdom" ("The Mongoose: Nature's Assassin", "The Hyena: Nature's A**hole", "The Lemming: Nature's Retard"), "I Have Big Boobs", "Pattycake", "Potter in Pain", "Walt Disney Attacks!", "Evil Postal Workers", "4 Sale, Baby Vampires", "Confusing Signage", "Ode to the Nut Shot", See Saw Fail, Inflate-a-Clown at a Water Fountain, Ask the Celebrity, Doggie Air, How I Met My Brother, Jargle Germ Audition, The Spongeclean, De-Friended on Spacenook, The Zit, Dog vs. Cat, and Batman Sleeps In,  Cringeworthy Junk, Stranded, Celebrities Without Their Make-Up
"Dark Kight at Freedy's"
"Games Toons: Back in Action"
December 8, 2017 TBA Other sketches: Gingerbread Serial Killer Caught, Gross and Beyond Gross, Cartoon Airbags, Cat Constantly Licks Herself, The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming, Slasher Air, Keeping up with the Carcrashians, Astronaut Brawl!, UP Balloon System, Elephant at the Car Dealer, Cat vs. Dog, Robot Father Gets More Oil On Father's Day, Juicy Jr.'s Triple Pounder, Castaway Plucks Flower from his Island, Pictureria Guide to Celebrity Siblings, and "Fixing" a Sandwich, Ironic Heart Attack", "I Have Millions of These!", "Noah's Rejects", "Close Encounter of the Pantsed Kind", "Thirsty", "Ape Smells Finger", "Roof Jumper", "That '00s Show", "Bring Out Your Dead", "Dodgeball", "Chess Morality", "Disturbing Graph", "The Best Cowboy", "Inept Trapeze Artist", "3 Fast 3 Furious", "Outtakes
"The Nintendo Movie"
"Super Sonic Bros"
December 16, 2017 TBA Other sketches: "Wealthy & Successful", "You're Going Down, Devil", "Seacrest, Out!", "Unfortunate Burglar", "Señor Clean", "The Usual Wedgie", "Meteorgeddon", "Clown Car Crash", "Buffy: Season 8", "Give Me the Boobies!", "The Fourth Annual Winter Pet Games", "Centaur Tailor", "Inept Magician", "Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem" Mouse Forgets to Buy Cheese, Aberzombie & Stitch, Bobbing For Apples, Rejected BlooJ's FHFIF Characters, You've Got Ninjas, Gossip Hurl, Tinker Bell's Operation, Beauty Tips with TBA, Marker Phone Call, Dog  vs. Cat, and No, It's Not/Snot!
"Patrick Alone"
December 23, 2017 Frost: On a Christmas vacation, Woody and the gang end up on the island of misfit toys after they fall out of their plane. There they are greeted by King Moonracer and the other misfit toys who invite them to stay. Soon they find a mysterious door to a room with an old Commodore 64 and countdown clock. In song, the misfit toys explain that the clock counts down to either to Christmas or the end of the world and that they've never experienced Christmas as they reset the counter on December 24. Knowing what will happen, Woody suggests that the misfits allow the counter to reach the 25.

Patrick Alone: TBA

"Who Framed Wreck-It Ralph"
"Foster's Home for Imaginary F.R.I.E.N.D.S"
January 12, 2018 TBA TBA
"The LEGO Story"
"Gravity Park"
January 19, 2018 TBA TBA
"Battle for Yoshi's Island"
January 26, 2018 TBA TBA
"Monster's Vs. Aliens Inc."
"My Life as a Powerpuff Girl"
February 2, 2018
"Out Of Jimmy Neutron's Head"
February 9, 2018
"Pink Panter"
"Simpson Things"
February 16, 2018
"Angry Bird Park"
"Simpson Guy"
February 22, 2018
"A Antz Life"
Sponge M.D
March 2, 2018
"Cartoon Network Party"
"Scooby Mystery Force"
March 9, 2018
"The EmoSplits Movie"
"Don't Sesame I'm Scared"
March 16, 2018 The EmoSplits Movie: once The Emoji Movie Gang find out there series has been cancelled due to backlash from critics and audiences the gang go on a murderous rampage around the sony studios to eliminate staff, fans, and critics who criticize them so its up to the Angry Birds, Spiderman and The Open Season Gang to stop them

Don't Seasme Me I'm Scared - TBA

March 23, 2018
17 TBA April 6, 2018
18 TBA April 13, 2018
19 TBA April 20, 2018
20 TBA April 27, 2018
21 TBA May 4, 2018
22 TBA May 11, 2018
23 TBA May 18, 2018
24 TBA May 25, 2018
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