Bread Ducks is an adult-animated comedy sitcom co-created by Paul Germain and Brendon Small and developed by Tom Snyder for Nickelodeon's late-night block Nick at Nite and MTV

The series was pitched to Nickelodeon in 2000 as part of their late-night adult block Nick at Nite. The company had greenlit the series for production in 2001 after the pilot was complete or Nick at Nite. The series was originally supposed to air in 2001 on MTV but the show was held back until 2 years later due to behind-the-scenes issues with Nickelodeon, as well as delays.

The show, which premiered on Nick at Nite and MTV, has gained mass popularity among teenagers and adults, and is one of the longest running animated television series

The show is rated TV-14-DLSV for suggestive dialogue, use of mild strong language, sexual content, and violence. Uncensored episodes are rated TV-MA

The show is set in the fictional planet of Pondgea and parodies American culture and society. Much like The Simpsons, South Park, Kim Possible, Family Guy, Futurama, and Rick and Morty, Bread Ducks was designed for mature audiences, featuring comical (and in some cases, bloody) violence, adult humor, coarse language (some swears are censored, though uncensored on Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and DVD prints), running gags, and pop culture references.

The show is currently produced by NX, Klasky-Csupo, Paramount Television Animation, MTV Animation, Games Animation, Krusty Krab Productions, Nickelodeon Productions, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution

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