Here is a transcript for the upcoming film, Toy Story (Remake)

Part 1: TBA

(The movie starts with the opening logos, which are all retro, with the exception of ImageMovers.)

(The movie genuinely begins in a supposed wallpaper, which is blanketed with slow-moving thick clouds and a stormy blizzard. However, it is not actually a wallpaper, as it is actually a night sky; the sky zooms out to reveal a city made out of both large and small cardboard boxes, with Christmas decorations out and about. During this time, there is a robbery led by a cynical potato-shaped doll that is spotted very easily. One of the buildings in the city is a stone-like building, which the camera zooms into. Inside, several toys are being developed and manufactured, with camera shots also present during the sequence. While the opening titles play, the chaos in the sequence ensues. After this, a cowboy doll, a cowgirl doll, a Mr. Potato Head, a dog that has most of its body made with a Slinky, a small but intelligent piggy bank with clothes, and a green tyrannosaurus rex come to life. During this, they see their toy packaging, and feel as if they are actually alive.)

Woody: …are we actually alive? Does it seem like it?

Mr. Potato Head: I don't know.

(One of the manufacturers is preparing to put the toys into their toy boxes.)

Hamm: I seriously doubt we're going down the drain.

Rex: Merry Christmas, everybody!

(The manufacturer then screams and bangs his head on a wall, knocking him out. At this time, another manufacturer comes into the scene and sees the toys glaring at her. Woody then winks, causing the manufacturer to jump and then run away.)


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