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Toy Story is an upcoming 2021 American fantasy-adventure buddy-comedy film directed by Jon Favreau and Chris Columbus. The film serves as a reimagining of the Toy Story franchise.

The film stars an ensemble cast of TBA.

John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, Jeff Pidgeon, and Blake Clark will reprise their roles from the original Toy Story series, while the other characters have new actors.

The film will be released exclusively on Disney+ on August 13, 2021.


When a factory accidentally manufactures a group of toys incorrectly, they come to life and escape the factory. They are given as birthday presents to a boy named Andy Davis, not knowing that they are actually alive. Woody, a good-hearted cowboy doll, quickly becomes Andy's favorite toy. But, he sees his position as Andy's favorite toy eliminated when the owner himself unwraps a Buzz Lightyear action figure. The Davis family is moving out of the house due to the vandalism and extreme bullying of a boy named Sid Phillips, and on the way to an extraterrestrial-themed restaurant named Pizza Planet, Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys get lost on the way as they are put into a trash bag by Sid and taken to his home, where they have to put up with him for three days. Now, it is up to them to escape Sid's house and get back to Andy's house in preparation for the move.




The Humans

  • Gabriel Bateman as Andy Davis, Woody and Buzz's 12-year-old owner who is preparing to move home soon.
  • Finn Wolfhard as Sid Phillips, Andy's next door neighbor, a 16-year-old psychopath and bully, and a criminal who deliberately tortures and smashes toys for his own amusement.
  • Cara Buono as Emily Davis, Andy's mother, who is organizing the move from house-to-house.
  • TBA

The Toys

  • TBA as Woody, a pull-string cowboy doll.
  • TBA as Jessie, a pull-string cowgirl doll.
  • TBA as Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure and Woody's rival, who later becomes his best friend.
  • TBA as Mr. Potato Head. Based on Hasbro's toy of the same name, he is a cynical potato-shaped doll with detachable body parts present on his body. He can control his body parts both independently and gravitationally.
  • TBA as Mrs. Potato Head, a gender-swapped version of Mr. Potato Head. She is also his love interest. She can control her body parts both independently and gravitationally, much like Mr. Potato Head.
  • Frank Welker (vocal effects) as Bullseye, Woody's horse.
  • Blake Clark as Slinky Dog, a dachshund slinky toy based on the toy by Poof-Slinky, Inc.
  • Wallace Shawn as Rex, a nervous green Tyrannosaurus figurine who is overly excited.
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm, an intelligent and posh piggy bank with a deep-voiced accent. He cracks jokes more often than the rest of the toys, potentially loses control of where he is going, and is, in rare cases, sarcastic.
  • TBA as Bo Peep, a porcelain shepherdess doll and Woody's girlfriend.
  • TBA as the Little Green Men, a team of green squeeze toy aliens from the claw machine at Pizza Planet.
  • Michael Keaton as Sergeant, the leader of a large troop of plastic green army men.
  • Andy Serkis as Shakes the Rattle, a tiger who makes a brief appearance in Sid's room.



In 2011, John Lasseter expressed interest in a reboot of the Toy Story franchise. He said that it would incorporate a combination of live-action and visual effects. While pitching the idea to Disney, none of it was accepted. However, in 2012, Disney changed their mind and the film was in early development. It was to be released in either December 2017 or 2018, due to how long the movie could take to make.


The movie then ended up in development limbo when in November 2014 saw the development of a 3rd sequel of the original Toy Story franchise. Disney then announced that the reboot was put on hold until the 3rd sequel, Toy Story 4 was released. However, during Toy Story 4's production and "what they can do to make the remake even better", ideas began to open up everywhere.


On TBA, Walt Disney Pictures and John Lasseter confirmed that TBA and TBA will be directing a remake of the 1995 animated film.

When Toy Story 4 had its premiere at the El Capitan Theatre, the production started back up and during then, the remake's crew had plenty of ideas in hand, such as when the film could take place.

Filming is expected to start in October 2019 and end in February 2020 or later. The majority of the filming will take place in TBA.


The soundtrack will be composed by Michael Giacchino, taking huge inspiration from the original Toy Story soundtrack, but also taking inspiration from various 2010s films, such as the Avengers quadrilogy.

Visual effects

The film's visual effects are provided by Industrial Light & Magic, Moving Picture Company, ImageMovers Digital, Pixar Animation Studios, and Manley Digital.

Easter eggs

In the movie, there are several different easter eggs, to other media, such as television shows, movies, and video games.

  • There are multiple promotions in the film that appear as easter eggs, which are either camouflaged or hidden within other things.
  • Bunny and Ducky from Toy Story 4 can be seen in the prize area of Pizza Planet.


Box office


Critical response


Marketing/Theatrical release promotions

Theatrical release promotions

  • McDonald's promoted the film in the US and UK by putting 12 toys in their Happy Meals. The toys are Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Rex, Sergeant, Hamm, Bo Peep, and The Squeeze Toy Aliens. Plus they did a Sweepstakes called The Toy Story Game! where it has a scratch card game piece with chances of winning the tickets to see the movie. Other prizes includes 1 million dollars, a trip to California with the El Capitan Theatre movie premiere, tickets to Disneyland or Walt Disney World (depending on where you live), a flat-screen TV, a new car, and a signed Toy Story movie poster.
  • In the UK, Tesco did a competition where there is a Toy Story voucher hidden inside 1 item in the store. If you happen to buy the item, you earn £100,000 pounds, a signed Toy Story poster, and the tickets to see the movie.
  • Pepsi released sweepstakes to win tickets to see the movie, with The Grand Prize a trip to the movie premiere at El Capitan Theatre, in California, and other prizes also, in addition, Crystal Pepsi returned to shelves with a brand new flavor, BuzzBlast (a blueberry/cherry-flavored Crystal Pepsi).
  • In the US and UK, Lego did Lego sets for the film and on the side of the box you can get an offer on movie tickets for the film at your local theater/cinema.
  • In the US, M&M's did an promotion with a chance of winning the tickets to see the movie. Other prizes includes 10 million dollars, a trip to California with El Capitan Theatre movie premiere and tickets to Disneyland, Other prizes include winning the tickets to see the movie, a Nintendo Switch with Toy Story: The Video Game, a flat-screen TV, a new car, and a signed Toy Story movie poster. Plus, a new M&Ms flavor called Crispy Peanut Butter Strawberry M&Ms (Strawberry/Peanut Butter-flavored M&Ms) was released to markets for a limited time in order to advertise the Christmas theming of the movie.
  • In the US, on Kellogg's Eggo Waffles inside there's glow in the dark stickers themed to the movie.
  • In the US and UK on Kellogg's cereal's such as Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Frosted Flakes, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Smorz, Special K, Krave, Corn Pops, Coco Pops and Raisin Bran have one of 12 free mini plushies hidden inside the cereals themselves. The 12 mini plushies are Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Rex, Sergeant, Hamm, Bo Peep, and The Squeeze Toy Aliens.
  • Kellogg's also produced a new Toy Story cereal in the UK, named Toysize Bites, with the cereal in shape of the main characters' heads.
  • In The US Lunchables did a promotion with a chance of winning a trip to Disneyland Resot in California and Walt Disney World In Florida and also they did stickers on the back of the box.
  • In UK Kinder did mini-figures inside ther Chocolate Egg's the mini-figures are Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Rex, Sergeant, Hamm, Bo Peep, and The Squeeze Toy Aliens.
  • Disney Channel, Disney XD, and ABC did an entire marathon of Toy Story 1, 2, 3, 4, Toons, and the Toy Story specials with storyboards for the film, as well as behind the scenes footage.
  • In the US, Chips Ahoy! hid free merchandise from the film inside of their packs. This included Top Trumps, mini-plushies, and more.

DVD/Blu-Ray promotions

  • Pizza Hut released Woody head-shaped pizzas with mushrooms acting as Woody's eyes and crust acting as his hat. They also promoted a deal called the ToyStorytastic combo which includes a large pepperoni and sausage pizza, breadsticks, a 2-liter soda and the limited time Hershey Chocolate/marshmallow/Oreo/Brownie mini cake plus they did a offer for the DVD/Blu-Ray reasle for the flim
  • The DVD of Toy Story (2020) was released in a boxset of the Toy Story, 2, 3, and 4 DVDs.

Home media

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 17th, 2020, the same day when the film was released theatrically.

Video Game





  • Unlike the first movie in the original franchise, this will include major elements from the second and third movies as well. This film also receives high reviews, unlike other Disney remakes.
  • Pixar properties appear because of the original Toy Story franchise being made by said company.
  • The promotions appear as hidden easter eggs in the film.
  • There are some differences.
    • Andy was six years old in the first film, but in this movie, he is twelve years old.
    • Sid will be more of a psycho kid and will be a criminal, as well as his school's biggest bully.
    • Mrs. Potato Head will come from Kenya, Africa.
    • Some of the deleted scenes will be in the film.
    • When Andy is not around, the toys become human-sized.
    • The visual effects will make the toys look very realistic.
    • Some characters like GabbyGabby and Benson the Dummy won’t appear in the film.