"Tom and Jerry Land" is the twenty-fourth episode of BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends second season. It aired on The Bloo DeTour, Nick at Nite and MTV networks in the United States on April 5, 2002. Wanting a perfect family vacation, the Foster's Gang visits Tom and Jerry Land.

The episode was well-received got critical acclaim and gained a cult following during the years as a fan favorite.

 Full Story

Bob and Larry prologue

Larry flies into Bob bathroom and says that the fans are here to see the lost episode (Tom and Jerry Land). Bob is taking a shower and says that he has lost it and tells the kids to forget about Foster's. The narrator introduces a segment called "Remembering BlooJ's Foster's," a musical montage of clips from past episodes from the first two seasons.

However, a map comes flying through the window, which leads to Foster's episode (Tom and Jerry Land) Bob and Larry set out on the treasure hunt. They set out on the treasure hunt. The journey entailed taking 10 paces past Madame Blueberry's House, walking past Krusty Krab and to the Kite Eating Tree, and finally crossing the Seven Trials of TBA Lagoon (which is really TBA ).

After a long treasure hunt, Bob finds the tape that holds the episode, but he thinks all it is is a bunch of cheap walk cycles. He decides to rid all his Foster's merchandise and run away from home. However, when he leaves the house, the countdown to the real episode starts. He quickly runs back in, puts his Foster's stuff back, and sits down to watch with Larry.

Act 1

Bloo, Mac, Wilt, Edwardo, Coco, Jenny, Shrek, Spongebob, and Patrick are all watching a news report. The report states that armed vigilantes are trying to keep zombies at Night Pn at bay. Just as Bloo says he's bored, commercial for the new amusement park named Tom and Jerry Land, and immediately want to visit it.

However, Frankie Foster has already booked a family vacation to the Angry Birds Sanctuary and does not want to avoid the same vacation disaster that happend in Europe Vacation because it lost them a lot of money to chase Madam Foster and get back the tickets but after revealing that the theme park has a place for adults,

The Foster's Gang wins Frankie and Mr. Herriman over, on the condition that they will not embarrass Frankie as on previous holidays. (which were Europe, Far Far Away, Amity Beach, The Big Apple and Lion Discount Safari,), as Foster's gang prep for the road trip, not everyone is ready as Eduardo states he's ready, but he had twelve trucks full of his stuffed animals. Mac tells him that they'll be unable get all of them on the bus, Mac orders Ed to pack what he needs and pick one stuffed animal, but Wilt will help him, Meanwhile, Frankie Foster, is giving Madame Foster instructions of taking care of the house, but doesn't seem to be paying attention, even going far as to untie balloon friends as Frankie realizing that her grandmother is going to throw a wild tea party and take the tickets Frankie hires and calls The Simpsons and The Toys to be in-changed of Foster's while there Gone for the week after a few hiccups (involving TBA) The Foster's gang is just about ready to go with also bringing the South Park boys and The Edds as the Toys say the place will never catch on fire as they had to the bus leaving Toonville The Simpsons and The Toys to be in-changed of Foster's

After a very long foster's bus journey and some Road Gags (from Bloo being impulsive and taking a "shortcut"), they reach Tom and Jerry Land parking lot, where they are then flown to the park by tram, escalator, ship and helicopter and told nothing can "possi-blie" go wrong.

Act 2

Frankie is slightly uneasy with the many references to violence at the park but has an enjoyable time visiting the various violent attractions, which include a parade filled with Tom and Jerry robots. Bloo and Jenny eventually tire spend time away at the nearby "Downtown Island" as Bloo, Wilt, Shrek, Edwardo, Coco, Spongebob Patrick, and The South Park Boys continue having fun. Bloo and Mac also visit a movie theatrer, where a documentary about the history of Hanna-Barbera is being presented, including clips of the old Tom and Jerry films "Tomtasia" and "Jerrynchio". Although going well, the foster's vacation is ruined when Bloo launches a stink bomb onto an actor in a Jerry suit and is arrested by park security. Wilt is also arrested for "kicking Jerry in the butt." Frankie and Jenny are informed of about the transgressions and is immediately embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz, chief of the animatronic robots in the park parades, tells the other staff that, according to chaos theory, all the Tom and Jerry robots will turn on their masters; this happens seconds after he makes the announcement. The Foster's Gang are released and just as Frankie and Jenny chewing them out, all power is cut and a horde of Tom and Jerry robots advance on them. The park is evacuated immediately. The last helicopter is about to take off, but the people inside hated Bloo and Wilt for pranking them. The helicopter takes off, leaving the Foster's Gang stranded and doomed to fall by the robots. Upon being threatened by the out of control robots, Mr Herriman angrily tells them that "Nobody ruins my family vacation - except me, and maybe the imaginary (Bloo)freed!" Mr Herriman frantically throws everything he can at them and discovers that the flash of a camera short circuits the robots' systems. The Foster's Gang then grabs dozens of cameras from a gift shop and defeat the entire Tom & Jerry army. The Foster's Gang is thanked for saving the park and agree that it was their best vacation ever. Regardless, Frankie tells them to never to speak of the trip again, as she is still embarrassed by Bloo and Wilt's previous actions. The owner to thanks the Foster's Gang for stopping the robots by giving out four-lifetime passes despite there being ten of them. The next scene shows that nobody is coming to Tom & Jerry Land in Europe.

As Foster's gang heads home exiting the bus they find the home destroyed they ask The Simpsons and The Toys what happened they said that everything was fine until Rex and Barts Chainsaw Juggling Act or TBA and TBA Playing darts with TBA as they can't handle runing Fosters as they need a Vacation as The Foster's gang rebuilt Foster's

Frankie tells her kids that TV violence may be funny but real violence is no good. Bloo tells Marge that it would be funny if someone was watching them doing violence. Mac agrees and demonstrates by throwing his shoe at Bloo. They all laugh but Frankie suddenly realizes what she is laughing at and tells Mac to go tome which he does.

Bob and Larry epilogue

After the episode, Bob attempts to play it again but he does not know how to rewind it to the beginning. He and Larry press a lot of buttons on the remote, destroying the tape and making the VCR spit its tape, causing Bob to get tangled in it. Thus, the lost episode (Tom and Jerry Land) is lost forever and the narrator ends the episode telling the viewers to get lost



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