The New SuperMarioLogan Show is an American adult animated series created by Logan Thirtyacre and Seth MacFarlane for Cross.

The show is rated TV-MA-DLSV for drug use, language, sexual content, and violence.


The show follows Mario, his adoptive son Jeffy, Mama Luigi, Woody, Shrek, Tony the Tiger, Bowser, Junior, the Koopalings, Black Yoshi, Mr. Pig, and other characters in their misadventures around the house and in other places as well.


  • TBA.



Development began shortly after it was announced by The Bloo that a SuperMarioLogan Movie was in Production. However, production halted during the SML Drama. After Chilly left the crew, Seth MacFarlane was hired as a Replacement.


The show is animated with a variety of different animation techniques, including, but not limited to, 2D flash animation, stop-motion animation, puppetry, and CGI animation. The animation is handled by Titmouse, Inc., Screen Novelties, and Animal Logic.



Criticism and controversy



  • The show has been described as shocking, as it contains disturbing characters, scary imagery, racial stereotypes, graphic violence, controversial subject matter, and toilet humor taken to the extreme, and it works very well.
  • Unlike the web series, the characters' voices are supplied by actual voice actors, with the only exceptions being Jeffy and Brooklyn Guy.
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