The New Crash Bandicoot is an American animated science-fiction sitcom created by Paul Tibbitt and produced from 2005 to 2017 after Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy and from 2006 onwards for American television. The show has become famous for its crude language and dark, surreal humor, thematic elements that satirizes a wide range of topics. Over time, it has developed a quirky, humorous and sometimes controversial style. Characters are designed and animated using Toon Boom different styles and techniques (stylized traditional animation, puppetry, CGI, stop motion, Flash animation, etc.) and put on live-action backgrounds.

The show ran for five seasons on PBS Kids (TV-Y7), with Cartoon Network airing the series in the United States starting in mid-2005, becoming one of its most successful series. now started to air in Cartoon Network from the series for additional seasons

Then are making shorts for Crash,

The New Crash Bandicoot has received numerous accolades, including won a Reuben Award, two Leo Awards, two AACTA Awards, and was also nominated for another four Leo Awards, an Annie Award, two Kids' Choice Awards, and three AACTA Awards, and numerous inclusions in various publications' lists of greatest television shows. Merchandise for The New Crash Bandicoot includes games and toys, and print media

The show's recent popularity resulted in a feature-length theatrical film, The Crash Bandicoot Movie which was released in 24 March 2007, and became a commercial success, with another movie set for release on 10 June 2020. In 2013, TV Guide ranked The New Crash Bandicoot the thirteenth Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time.

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