The Moment Self Movie is an American black comedy family action hero surreal adventure film directed by Lee Eisenhower, Sheen Vincent, Dan Lin, Geroge Fan, Linwood Boomer, Mike Moon, Chris McKay, Larry Leitcher, Phill Lord, Chrispother Miller, Conrad Vernon and produced by Black Label Media, MadHouse, The Keenedy/Marshall Company, Centropoiis Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Amblin Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, Rat-Pac Dune Entertainment, Lin Pictures, Lord Miller and Warner Animation Group, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in the (UK/United States/International) and The Weinstein Company in the (North America/Australia) and 20th Century Fox in the (Australia/France/UK/China/USA)


Rough Draft Studios, Inc works to produce, animate and be in overseas animation and storyboard animation

The staff of Lunime want to animate anime versions of Gacha Life and Gacha Studio (uncredited)

Yearim Productions works to animate this movie but because is working to do this

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