The Moment Self: Racing Kart is an 2007 racing all stars action Co-Op videogame based on a 1999 series created by Sheen Vicent and Lee Eisenhower (2005-2019) developed by Danger High Voltage Software and Avalanche Software & THQ and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (looks WB Games)


  • The videogame is for childhood and everyone
  • In the PS3, XBOX 360, PSP there is no THQ logo here, only on PS2, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, PC
  • In the GBA, appears Amaze Entertainment
  • For PC, appears LTI Gray Matter and THQ & Asobo Studio, Microsoft Game Studios
  • (The creators of Wall-e game, The Moment Self: Nitro Power, a action drama game)
  • The Narrator is Jim Cummings in the game
  • Exists Race Kart in format of type in movie, game, tv series, etc.
  • The game is simillar to Refuelled Action Racing
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