The Four and X Show is an American-Canadian stop-motion animated series that serves as a spinoff to Battle for Dream Island. It features the same cast and characters as BFB.

The show parodies American culture and society. Much like BlooJ’s Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and other shows,The Four and X Show was designed for mature audiences,featuring comic/bloody violence,adult humor,coarse language,running gags and pop culture references.

The show is rated TV-14-DLSV for suggestive dialouge,use of mild strong language,sexual content and violence. Uncensored episodes are rated TV-MA


Four and X Live in Goiky and they go on insane,wacky or weird adventures,sometimes with other inanimate objects


-Michael Huang as Four,Blocky,Book,Bubble,Cloudy,Coiny,David,Donut ,Eraser,Firey,Flower,Fries,Golf Ball,Leafy,Loser,Pen,Pencil,Puffball,Robot Flower, Snowball,Spongy(Some episodes),Woody and Yellow Face

-Cary Huang as X,8-Ball,Bracelety,Grassy,Marker,Match,Pin,Rocky,Ruby ,Spongy(Most episodes) and Tennis Ball

-Adam Katz as Nickel

-Cindy Jiang as Foldy and Pillow

-Graham Taylor as Gelatin

-Katherine Sun as Eggy and Naily

-Kenzie Bryant as Barf Bag,Bell,Cake,Needle,TV and Taco

-Niall Burns as Two

-Sabrina Barba as Lightning and Liy

-Sam Lee as Lollipop,Pie and Stapy

-Satomi Hinatsu as Balloony,Basketball,Black Hole, Bomby,Bottle,Clock,Fanny,Firey Jr.,Gaty,Ice Cube and Saw

-Thomas Chick as Tree





Each episode is animated by HKO Animation,Inc.,Disney Television Animation,Rough Draft Studios,Sunmin Image Pictures and Saerom Animation

Critical reception

The Show has Recieved Positive Reviews with an 8.7/10 on IMDb and a 9.1/10 on


The Four and X Show is also Available to watch on these Streaming services

-Fox Now



-YouTube TV

-Sling TV




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