The Chronicles of Jeffy and Friends is an adult-animated web superhero action-adventure comedy-drama fantasy television series created by Logan Thirtyacre and produced by SuperMarioLogan Pictures, Amblin Television, and Cartoon Network Studios for Netflix.

It is one of the shows in the SuperMarioLogan Animated Series canon.

The show started streaming on Netflix on January 28th, 2019.


The show centers around Jeffy, who always gets lost in his own daydreams in school, along with his friends. In order to return back to school again, they have to find a way out of the daydreams (unlocking a secret code, fighting mutated creatures, solving a very hard puzzle, etc.)

The show acts like a slice-of-life show, while combining the superhero, comedy, drama, fantasy, and action-adventure genres.

Title sequence

The sequence starts with the camera zooming into Planet Earth, and then it zooms into Jeffy's school where Jackie Chu is getting the school day ready, and the bell rings. The characters get into their seats, and the camera zooms into Jeffy's head, where Jeffy is seen spinning around. He then gets lost in a sequence, along with his friends, where they are seen flying, fighting and defeating knights, sharing funny and dark moments, and entering a fantasy world. After this, Jeffy's friends get out of his head, as he is seen sitting down. The sequence is then rewinded in a flipbook style, eventually revealing the show's logo.

The sequence is animated by Snipple Animation Studios and directed and storyboarded by Peter Browngardt.


  • Lance Thirtyacre as the following characters:
    • Jeffy, the main protagonist of the show, with a strange choice of clothing.
    • Jackie Chu, the teacher of SML School, whose vision makes it very difficult for him to see.
  • Logan Thirtyacre as the following characters:
    • Bowser Junior, Bowser's son who is a fan of the fictional TV series Doofy the Dragon.
    • Mario, Jeffy's adoptive father.
  • Lovell Stanton as the following characters:
    • Toad, a mushroom who has released more than 4 singles.
    • Joseph, a Koopa Troopa who is Junior's best friend.
    • Principal Steinbeck, the principal of the school who is very strict and occasionally beats up and/or hurts students.
    • Bowser, Bowser Junior's father who is a fan of the fictional TV series Charleyyy & Friends.
  • Chris Netherton as the following characters:
    • Cody, a highly perverted Magikoopa and the owner of Ken.
    • Ken Nutkiss, Cody's doll who is believed to not be real, but has been proven real, as shown in episodes.
    • Patrick, a very hyperactive kid who has ADHD.
    • Bully Bill, the school's bully who has once apologized to Jeffy for bullying, but keeps doing it to him.
  • Elaina Keyes as the following characters:
    • Toadette, a female mushroom who was cheated on by Toad.
    • Britknee, a student who is said to be hot by Bowser Junior.
    • Rosalina, Mario's wife.

Additional voices

  • Tom Kenny
  • Dee Bradley Baker
  • Frank Welker
  • Grey Griffin
  • Kath Soucie
  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Sam Riegel
  • Keith Ferguson
  • Debi Derryberry
  • Rob Paulsen
  • Billy West
  • Tara Strong
  • John DiMaggio
  • Fred Tatasciore



After the first season of the Days of School series, Logan Thirtyacre wanted to adapt the series for television. After several attempts to pitch the series to Adult Swim, Fox, and Comedy Central, Thirtyacre figured that Netflix would be a good fit.

The show was then greenlit and began production.


The Chronicles of Jeffy and Friends has been animated by 8 animation studios.

Animation in the first season of the show was outsourced to two animation studios from the Philippines and South Korea: Snipple Animation Studios and Digital eMation. However, because of difficulties with the animation outsourcing, at least 9 episodes of season 1 were animated by Titmouse, Inc. and Saerom Animation.

In season 2, SuperMarioLogan Pictures made budget cuts on the animation, but not the writing. This caused Snipple Animation Studios and Digital eMation to forcibly leave the series entirely to work on other shows. Because of this, Ed-Olive Chadwick had to find new animation studios to take their places, and after a while, two cheaper Flash studios from Ireland and the USA, Boulder Media and Renegade Animation were the result. In an interview, Logan Thirtyacre explained that the budget cuts were unexpected. He also said that even though this happened, the animation is still decent enough and has the same style from season 1. The opening sequence was later altered to match Boulder Media's animation style. The animation style in the Flash animated episodes is now a mix of the series' typical art style combined with Cartoon Network's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Around the third season, the budget cuts were dropped, and Boulder Media and Renegade Animation were eventually let go. This made Titmouse, Inc., Saerom Animation, the returner Digital eMation, and the newcomers Rough Draft Korea and Bardel Entertainment the remaining studios to animate the series, and the opening sequence was altered yet again to match Titmouse, Inc.'s animation style.


The theme song is composed by Ron Wasserman, who is known for composing the theme for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Music for the show is composed by Joel McNeely and Ryan Elder.


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