The following are the credits for the 1992 film, The Cerealville Meltdown.

Opening Credits

Paramount 29
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Warner Bros.

In association with
The Bloo Productions
Amblin Entertainment


Voice Talent
Michael Keaton
Jodi Benson
Robin Williams
Pat Carroll
Tim Curry

Story by
Bloo J

Screenplay by
Daniel Waters

Written by
Garrett Chadwick

Music by
Danny Elfman

Produced by
Steven Spielberg
Ed-Olive Chadwick

Directed by
Bloo J
Tim Burton

Closing Credits

=== First Part of the Credits ===

Live-Action Cast

Ian Martin - Brandon Adams
Mrs. Martin - Vicki Lewis
Karl - Jim Carrey

Animated Cast

Dex Dogdective - Michael Keaton
Sunshine Goodness - Jodi Benson
Dan - Robin Williams
Mayor X - Pat Carroll
TBA - Tim Curry
Officer Crumb - Mark Hamill
Cookie Crook - Bill Murray
Chip - Frank Welker
Toucan Sam - Charles Fleischer
Lucky - Rob Paulsen
Trix Rabbit - Charles Fleischer
Sonny the Cuckoo Bird - Wayne Allwine
Cornelious Rooster - Peter Cullen
Count Chocula - Tim Curry
Snap - Nancy Cartwright
Crackle - E.G. Daily
Pop - Kath Soucie
Tony the Tiger - Jim Cummings
Tonya the Tiger - Russi Taylor
Tony Jr. - E.G. Daily
Antoinette - April Winchell
Cap'n Crunch - Lou Hirsch
Coco the Monkey - Richard Kind

Final Part of the Credits

Color by Technicolor

Printed on Eastman Film




Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Trix,
Cocoa Puffs, and Monster Cereals are owned by
General Mills and are used with permission.

Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and Coco Pops are
registered trademarks of Kellogg's Company.
Used by permission.

Cap'n Crunch is a registered trademark of The Quaker Oats Company.

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with the location, name, character, or history of any person or product
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