The Cerealville Meltdown is a 1991 American hand-drawn/stop-motion animated action-comedy mystery film which utilizes a combination of traditional hand-drawn and stop motion animation. 

It is directed by Tim Burton and Simon Wells. The film's ensemble voice cast consists of TBA.

Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures released the film in 1991, to critical and commercial success, with people highlighting the fluid animation, various homages, and musical score.

This was the first film made by Games Animation Inc. and Skellington Productions, as well as the second film made by Amblimation.


Dexter Dective is a cereal mascot, investigator, leader, and police officer who lives in a city filled with popular cereal mascots, named Cerealville.

Sarra Catson being kidnapped by a cereal killer (pun on serial killer) named Vladimir, and Dexter having to save her, TBA





  • TBA as Dexter , an investigator and policeman who is the mascot of a cereal brand.
  • TBA as Sarra Catson, Dexter's cat girlfriend, who eventually gets married to him at the end of the movie. She is, like Dexter's, the mascot of a cereal brand.
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA As TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as Dan, TBA.
  • TBA as Mayor X, TBA.
  • TBA as TBA.
  • TBA

Cameo cast

  • Mark Hamill as Officer Crumb
  • Bill Murray as Cookie Crook
  • Frank Welker as Chip (vocal effects)
  • Charles Fleischer as Toucan Sam and Trix Rabbit
  • Rob Paulsen as Lucky the Leprechaun
  • Wayne Allwine as Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
  • Peter Cullen as Cornelious Rooster
  • Tim Curry as Count Chocula
  • Nancy Cartwright as Snap
  • E.G. Daily as Crackle and Tony Jr.
  • Tress MacNeille as Pop
  • Jim Cummings as Tony the Tiger
  • Russi Taylor as Tonya the Tiger
  • April Winchell as Antoinette (baby vocals)
  • Lou Hirsch as Cap'n Crunch
  • Richard Kind as Coco the Monkey




Talk began of the first film with Matthew Chaudhary. Chaudhary wanted to do a similar film to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with cereal mascots.



Critical repetition

Box Office







Theatrical release promotions

  • McDonald's released 10 toys for their Happy Meal in the US and UK. 
  • Coca-Cola did a limited edition flavor. 
  • TBA

VHS promotions 

  • TBA

Video Game

A tie-in video game, titled Cereal Mascot Friends: The Video Game has been announced to accompany the film's theatrical release. It will be developed by THQ and published by Konami and Paramount Interactive on Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega CD, Atari Lynx, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Amiga and MS-DOS

Also, this was Paramount Interactive's first video game






  • This is one of the most notable films that has live-action and animated segments.
  • The entirety of Cerealville is made up of boxes, milk, and spoons, which was an idea that was envisioned during production of the film.
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