The Blues (also known as Blenny in international territories) is an adult animated television dramedy series based on the original BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends show. It is also a spin-off of said franchise. It parodies action-adventure and horror shows and movies, while focusing on the comedy genre, similar to the BFHFIF movie. According to Bloo J, it is like Freakazoid!, except darker.

The show is produced by Harmonious Claptrap, Starburns Industries, Amblin Television, Winking Pooh Entertainment, Krusty Krab Productions, Games Animation, Inc., and Paramount Television Animation. It is distributed by Paramount Television and Warner Bros. Television.

The show began streaming on Paramount Network on August 10th, 2019, and was later aired on Teletoon's night block, following the latter being acquired by The Bloo in November 2019.

The show is rated TV-14.


Set 15 years in the future after the defeat of Bendy and the death of Nora Wakeman, Bloo (TBA) and Jenny Kazoo-Wakeman (TBA), who are now in their late 20's/early 30's, having married 15 years later, now have 3 children named Janet, Brian, and Benjamin. The two team up to face several threats in Toonville.

It is a dark take on Bloo and Jenny's relationship, though the show has tons and tons of hilarious moments.


  • TBA as Bloo Kazoo-Wakeman, one of two main protagonists of the series. He is very strong, and uses a magic book to choose a superpower.
  • TBA as Jenny Wakeman, one of two main protagonists of the series. She has several powers and abilities, and, like Bloo, is one character not to cross.
  • TBA as Brian, one of Bloo and Jenny's sons who trains in martial arts and has an A- in class.
  • TBA as Janet, one of Bloo and Jenny's sons who, when trouble calls, is granted the power of phoenix.
  • TBA as TBA one of Bloo and Jenny's Daughter TBA
  • TBA as Mac Mason, a recurring character who is the creator of Bloo. He is often seen battling evil in Toonville.
  • TBA as Lauren Johansson, Bloo and Jenny's helper who secretly wields weapons everywhere she goes, making her tough to beat.
  • TBA as Terrence Mason, Mac's brother who often bullies him. He started an organization to become the ruler of the world.
  • TBA as King Pig, a pig from Angry Birds that the characters will end up bumping into. He is jealous of their success, and because of this, he often will use any dirty trick against them to win, but inevitably fails.
  • TBA as Bendy the 2nd, Bendy's ghost who took his place when he died. He is the main antagonist of the series.
  • TBA


  • TBA.
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