The Bloo Live! is a upcoming 2020 on-demand streaming service. Owned and operated by Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony a Viacom/WarnerMedia/Sony/MacroMedia Flash company 

The service will feature contect of The Bloo, The Bloo Jr.,The Bloo DeTour,Blootoons and RaunchyBloo alongside original films and TV Series.


The following Disney+ coming this November, The Bloo's CEO announced that make a streaming service that could compete with the upcoming streaming service and already existing services Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Sony Crackle as a way to develop new content for internet and promote their own content.

Device Support

The Bloo Live! is available for PCs throught is website, alongside the cell phones, tablet computers, digital media players (Chromecast and Apple TV), smart TVs and video game consoles (including PS4,Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).

The Bloo Live! is also available through on subscription television services including DirecTV, U-verse, Comcast, Dish, Altice USA, Charter Communications, CenturyLink and Verizon

Most of it's catalogue is available in high-definition, with select programming being available in 4K and HDR as well

Original Programming

  • Lucas M. Soares's Pingu and Friends (2021 TV Series Reboot)



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