The Suffering is an sequel episode of Temp Check and aired in August 19, 2008 and guest starring Alec Baldwin


The plot focuses on Wallnut, being in his side waiting Tallnut to come over her, she wants to talk with Bebe Choy, Bonk Choy acquired his rights to do a summer with Jason and A.K.E.E, rounded Wallnut has on summer with Jim past week day, but he didn't works that, every example was to be big on that, Tallnut goes to C.E.O (Crossing Expo Organization) and David tries to kill that dumb guy in the instinct and Wallnut wants to stop kill her and goes to Iceberg Lettuce's gun garage and buys it him and he steps on David and jumps it in, tries to hang it and also he plays Solitaire with friends on hangout, like roomates, and more plot soon



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