Super Mario World is an upcoming American adult-animated series created by Logan Thirtyacre, based on SuperMarioLogan, as well as the 1991 DiC Entertainment series of the same name. It serves as a reboot of the 1991 series, and is produced by DHX Media, SuperMarioLogan Pictures, Nintendo of America, and Warner Bros. Animation.

The show will premiere on Comedy Central in March 2019.

It is rated TV-MA for profanity, violence, gore, drug use, and sexual content and references.

Talks for a Super Mario World reboot created by Logan Thirtyacre began in 2017.


The show follows Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Jeffy, and Tony the Tiger's adventures in the SuperMarioLogan universe, while outsmarting Bowser. According to Logan Thirtyacre, the show still keeps the original series' feel, while combining it with the feel and characters of SuperMarioLogan.


  • Logan Thirtyacre as the voice of the following characters:
    • Mario, the main protagonist of the show. He appears alongside Luigi, Yoshi, Jeffy, and Tony the Tiger.
    • Bowser Junior, Bowser's son.
  • Anthony Miller as the voice of the following characters:
    • Luigi, Mario's partner.
    • Waluigi, Luigi's rival and enemy.
    • Miller also provides Jeffy's animal noises.
  • Lovell Stanton as the voice of the following characters:
    • Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur who usually eats enemies and turns them into eggs of his own.
    • Bowser, the main antagonist of the show and the father of Bowser Junior. His favorite TV show is Charleyyy & Friends.
    • Joseph, a Koopa Troopa who is Junior's best friend.
    • Toad, a mushroom rapper.
    • Chris the Cucumber, a cucumber known for saying facts that usually aren't true.
    • Chef Pee Pee, a French-born Italian chef.
  • Lance Thirtyacre as the voice of the following characters:
    • Jeffy, Mario's adoptive son who has a strange choice of clothing.
    • Shrek, an ogre from the 2001 DreamWorks film of the same name.
    • Black Yoshi, one of the Yoshis who has an obsession with KFC, Call of Duty, and Kool-Aid.
    • Woody, a pull-string cowboy doll from the 1995 Pixar film Toy Story.
    • Tony the Tiger, the mascot of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.
    • Mr. Pig, a plush toy pig.
    • Wario, a fat and greedy con-artist who is Mario's rival and enemy.
    • Doofy the Dragon, Bowser Junior's favorite TV show character.
    • Goodman, a rich and rude person.
    • Jackie Chu, a smart Chinese person who has little to no experience in Chinese cooking.






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