Super Mario Bros. is an American-Canadian-French animated fantasy sitcom created by Bloo J, Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon and Chris Savino for Nickelodeon's late night block Nick at Nite, MTV and The Bloo's late night block The Bloo DeTour.

Like The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and Rick and Morty, Super Mario Bros. was designed for mature audiences and features comical (and in some cases, bloody) violence, adult humor, course language (some swears are censored, though uncensored on DVD), running gags, and pop culture references.

The show is produced by Nintendo, Xilam Animation, Jam Filled Entertainment, Titmouse, The Bloo Productions, Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions, Harmonious Claptrap, Starburns Industries, Broadway Video, Klasky-Csupo,Inc., Frederator Studios, MTV Animation, Paramount Television Animation, Games Animation Inc., Krusty Krab Productions, and Nickelodeon Productions, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The show is rated TV-14-DLSV for suggestive dialogue, use of mild strong language, sexual content, and violence. Uncensored episodes are rated TV-MA.





Characters and voice cast

Lead characters

Mario (voiced by Charles Martinet) - TBA

Luigi (voiced by Charles Martinet) - TBA

Princess Peach (voiced by Samantha Kelly) - TBA

Toad (voiced by Samantha Kelly) - TBA

Bowser (voiced by Kenny James) - TBA

Yoshi (voiced by Kazumi Totaka) - TBA


Princess Daisy (voiced by Deanna Mustard) - TBA

Rosalina (voiced by Laura Faye Smith) - TBA

Toadette (voiced by Samantha Kelly) - TBA

Pauline (voiced by Kate Higgins) - TBA

Birdo (voiced by Kazumi Totaka) - TBA

Toadsworth (voiced by Charles Martinet) - TBA

Captain Toad (voiced by Samantha Kelly) - TBA

Donkey Kong (voiced by Takashi Nagasako) - TBA

Diddy Kong (voiced by Katsumi Suzuki) - TBA


Wario (voiced by Charles Martinet) - TBA

Waluigi (voiced by Charles Martinet) - TBA

Bowser Jr. (voiced by Caety Sagoian) - TBA

Larry Koopa (voiced by Michelle Hippe) - TBA

Morton Koopa Jr. (voiced by David Cooke) - TBA

Wendy O. Koopa (voiced by Ashley Flannegan) - TBA

Iggy Koopa (voiced by Ryan Higgins) - TBA

Roy Koopa (voiced by Dan Falcone) - TBA

Lemmy Koopa (voiced by Carlee McManus) - TBA

Ludwig Von Koopa (voiced by David J. Goldfarb) - TBA

Kamek (voiced by Atsushi Masaki) - TBA

Boom Boom (voiced by Lani Minella) - TBA

Pom Pom (voiced by Lani Minella) - TBA

King Boo (voiced by Toru Asakawa) - TBA

Supporting protagonists

Baby Luma/Lumas (voiced by Yuya Takezawa) - TBA

Cappy (voiced by Shohei Komatsu) - TBA

Tiara (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Perry (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Honey Queen (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Dorrie (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Plessie (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Poochie (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Professor E. Gadd (voiced by Kazumi Totaka) - TBA

Nabbit (voiced by Natsuko Yokoyama) - TBA

Sprixie Princesses (all voiced by Zoe Nelson) - TBA

Toad Brigade (all voiced by Samantha Kelly) - TBA

Supporting antagonists

Madame Broode (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Topper (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama) - TBA

Harriet (voiced by Yuki Kodaira) - TBA

Rango (voiced by Go Shinomiya) - TBA

Spewart (voiced by Tsugo Mogami) - TBA

Draggadon (voiced by Daisuke Ito) - TBA

Cackletta (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Fawful (voiced by Nami Funashima) - TBA

Petey Piranha (voiced by Toru Minegishi) - TBA

Foreman Spike (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Kammy Koopa (voiced by TBA) - TBA

King Bob-omb (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Koopa Kids (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Reznor (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Tatanga (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Wart (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Wingo (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Recurring enemies

Angry Sun (voiced by TBA) - TBA

Blarggs (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Bloopers (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Bob-ombs (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Boos (all voiced by Sanae Susaki) - TBA

Bullet Bills (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Buzzy Beetles (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Chain Chomps (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Cheep Cheeps (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Dry Bones (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Fish Bones (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Goombas (all voiced by Frank Welker) - TBA

Hammer Bros (all voiced by Motoki Takagi) - TBA

Koopa Troopas (all voiced by John Stocker) - TBA

Lakitus (all voiced by Tadd Morgan) - TBA

Lava Bubbles (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Magikoopas (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Mechakoopas (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Monty Moles (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Piranha Plants (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Pokeys (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Shy Guys (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Spikes (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Spike Tops (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Spines (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Thwomps (all voiced by TBA) - TBA

Wigglers (all voiced by TBA) - TBA





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