Spy Vs. Spy is an American animated adult animated sitcom created by editor of Mad Magazine, Nick Meglin, and developed by John Ficarra for Adult Swim.

The series was pitched to Cartoon Network in 1997 as part of their block Adult Swim. The company had greenlit the series for production in 1998 after the pilot was completed for Cartoon Network The series was originally supposed to air in 1998 on Adult Swim but the show was held back until 3 years later due to behind-the-scenes issues with Cartoon Network, as well as delays. Episodes are produced at Codename Dynamite Productions, Bloo J's production company.

The show, which was first aired on Adult Swim, has gained mass popularity among teenagers and adults. The show is seen in France on TF1, in the UK on BBC Two, in the United States on Comedy Central and Adult Swim, and in Canada on Global and reran on Much and Adult Swim. Episodes are also reran on The CW, Nick at Nite, and MTV.

The series is rated TV-MA.


The Black and White Spies are two spies who hate each other and try to kill each other. Who dies in each episodes is random


Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 21 January 3,2001 July 22,2001
2 24 December 16,2001 July 24,2002
3 22 January 5,2003 July 27,2003
4 13 September 21,2003 December 13,2003
5 13 March 12,2004 October 23,2004
6 13 October 30,2004 March 24,2005
7 13 March 24,2005 September 18,2005
8 7 November 26,2005 January 14,2006
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