Power Mouse (also known as Power Mouse and The Defenders of Mickeytopia) is an American animated series created by Ed-Olive Chadwick and produced by Disney Television Animation. It is based on the Mickey Mouse franchise. However, it takes a darker tone than other Mickey Mouse shows and is set in a post-apocalyptic setting.

It currently airs on Disney XD, and started airing in 2017, with its final season scheduled to air in early 2020.

Episodes are 25 minutes, filling in a half-hour time slot.


Set in the year 2978, an asteroid was sent to a city-planet that goes by the name of Mickeytopia, to destroy it. However, instead of completely destroying it, the asteroid comes into contact with a volcano, and explodes on contact, releasing supernatural waves of blazing energy, causing some of the citizens' genetic codes to be brutally altered, granting them superpowers.

A mysterious man calls upon fourteen of the affected citizens to form a team of superheroes. Two mice, three ducks, a delivery boy, a dog, six nephews, and a bear assemble to become The Defenders of Mickeytopia, and reside on the highest floor of a hotel. Due to this, the mysterious man becomes the team's commander, ordering them to protect all of the planet if anything bad is happening.

These characters are descendants of classic Mickey Mouse characters. Descendants of other characters are unknown.


Main characters

  • Power Mouse (voiced by Daryl Sabara): The descendant of Mickey Mouse, who was the owner of an apartment complex, until he was called upon.
  • Madison Mouse (voiced by Janice Kawaye): The descendant of Minnie Mouse, who was a stage actor, until she was called upon. She seems to have a crush on Power, and has been shown caring about him.
  • Inferno Duck (voiced by Tony Anselmo): The descendant of Donald Duck, who was a school bully, until he was called upon. He is Mr. McDuck's nephew and the legal guardian/adoptive uncle of Harold, Danny, and Lewis, and stays that way, even when he was called upon. He speaks in a similar voice to his descendant, except it is deeper.
  • Vixen Duck (voiced by Grey Griffin): The descendant of Daisy Duck, who was a mentor, until she was called upon. She is referenced by Harold, Danny, and Lewis as Aunt Vixen, meaning that she is one of the legal guardians and the adoptive aunt of the three. She has an accent similar to Rogue from X-Men.
  • Gary Goof (voiced by Rob Paulsen): The descendant of Goofy, who was a delivery boy that worked for Chicken n' Pizza Shack, until he was called upon. He retains his descendant's scream sound effect and his trademark catchphrase, "Gawrsh!".
  • Roberto (voiced with a Spanish accent by Carlos Alazraqui): The descendant of Pluto, who is Power's pet dog. He stays that way, even when he was called upon. Unlike his descendant, he speaks English with a Spanish accent.
  • Mr. McDuck (voiced by Tim Curry): The descendant of Scrooge McDuck, who was the richest person in Mickeytopia, until he was called upon. He is referenced to as Great Uncle Carl by his grand-nephews, meaning that his actual name is Carl McDuck.
  • Harold, Danny, and Lewis (voiced by Kath Soucie, Nancy Cartwright, and Debi Derryberry respectively): The descendants of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who are McDuck's grand-nephews and Inferno and Vixen's adoptive nephews. They stay that way, even when they were called upon.
  • Amy, Kelly, and Jane (voiced by Tara Strong, Jessica DiCicco, and E.G. Daily respectively): The descendants of April, May, and June, who are the nieces of Vixen. They stay that way, even when they were called upon.
  • Howie the Bear (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson): The descendant of Humphrey the Bear, who was a troublemaker in Secretstone National Park with other bears, until he was called upon. Unlike his descendant, he and Inferno seem to get on pretty well.
  • Jason (voiced by Bumper Robinson): The permanent commander of the Defenders, who alerts them whenever trouble happens.



The Defenders' powers

Each member has 7 powers.






The show is animated overseas at Dong Yang Animation, Rough Draft Korea, Mook Animation, and Studio 4°C, using an anime-influenced animation style. Each half of the animation studios are from South Korea and Japan, with all of them able to animate the show using the art style designed for the show.

Power Mouse was made with a higher production value than standard television animation; the show had a higher cel count than most TV cartoons. The show is animated with Toon Boom Harmony.

Title sequence

The title sequence for the show was done jointly by Golden Wolf (the visuals and style) and Rough Draft Korea (the animation).


The theme for the show is composed by Andy Sturmer, while the music for the show is composed by Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, and Michael McCuistion, being strongly influenced by action cartoons.


  • The show is inspired by Loonatics Unleashed, because Loonatics and this includes descendant versions of beloved classic characters.
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie were voiced by actresses in the original DuckTales series and Quack Pack. This is the third time that they are voiced by actresses, specifically their descendants.
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