No More Water in the Tub! is an upcoming 2020 hand-drawn animated adventure-comedy short film based on Tedd Arnold's book of the same name. In this short film, William goes sailing through his apartment building floor by floor in his tub after filling it up too full one night.

The short film is being written by David Lindsay-Abaire, produced by Brad Bird and David Silverman, and directed by Eric Goldberg with Tedd Arnold being the executive producer of the short film.

The short film will premiere in United States, Spain, Japan India and Canada on August 28, 2020, where it will be attached to screenings of the 20th Century Fox release Bobby's World: The Movie.


In a bathroom near the top floor of a tall apartment building, William was ready for his bath. Walter had finished, and fresh water was running into the tub. Walter's mother tells him to look after his brother and leave the faucet on for another minute. Walter, however turns the water on faster for William all the way until the faucet comes off. The bathroom gets flooded and the tub floats away from the wall. When Mom looked in to see what all the racket was, the water burst through the door and took William and the tub with it.

More coming soon!


  • Sawyer Jones as William
  • Jacob Tremblay as Walter
  • Emily Nordwind as William and Walter's Mom


  • The short film will use designs from the 2012 edition of No Jumping on the Bed!
  • The short film will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the book it's based on.


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