My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot is a 1999 American animated science fiction comedy film written and directed by Rob Renzetti and starring Melissa Denton, Janice Kawaye, Candi Milo, and Audrey Wasilewski, with George Lucas as executive producer.


Tuck, while practicing baseball with his older brother Brad, hits a ball that flies through a window in neighbor Nora Wakeman's front door. Brad instructs Tuck to get the baseball back, but when Tuck knocks at the door, a large shadowy figure appears. It turns out to be a friendly robot girl, who smiles and hands him the baseball. However, Tuck is frightened and flees without taking the ball. He is intercepted by Brad, and promptly informs his older brother that he encountered a robot. Ms. Wakeman overhears this conversation, and Brad tries to explain the situation as he confronts her and speaks to her at the door. But Dr. Wakeman brushes him off and claims that she has “never heard about” baseball, and slams the door in Brad’s face.

Dr. Wakeman bursts into Jenny’s room in the attic, and berates XJ-9 for having left her room and instructs her that she must not encounter any of the human population. Jenny laments that she cannot make friends, and Dr. Wakeman tells her that she will get used to it before leaving Jenny’s room. When Wakeman leaves the room, Brad walks in through Jenny's window and meets her. The two leave and hang out, playing games and chasing ice cream trucks, among other things, while Tuck reluctantly tags along, still untrusting of Jenny.

As Jenny, Brad, and Tuck are enjoying their ice cream, Jenny suddenly gets a warning from her sensors that a planet-destroying meteor is headed toward Earth. She rockets off to destroy the meteor, and dispatches it quickly, but she accidentally took Tuck along with her, as his shirt had got caught on her wings. While Tuck is a bit charred from re-entry, he is impressed by Jenny's abilities and declares her to be "so cool!". Dr. Wakeman oversees this conversation, and decides that giving XJ-9 some time off couldn't hurt. However, the camera pans out to outer space, where several (presumably hostile) spaceships are closing in on Earth.


  • Janice Kawaye as XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman
  • Melissa Delton as Brad Carbunkle
  • Candi Milo as Dr. Wakeman
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Tuck Carbunkle
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