Matt Chaudhary's Curious Buddies (often referred to as simply Curious Buddies) is a British adult-animated comedy sitcom created by Matthew Chaudhary for FX and The Bloo DeTour in the United States. The show has become famous for its crude language, the combination of wide range of genres, and dark, surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics. It is also known for looking like a kids' show, when in reality, it is a controversial adult cartoon.

Since 2004, it has received generally positive reviews from critics and became one of FX's most successful original series. Although it was not made in the United States, it has gained mass popularity there and has attracted an audience of 45.8 million households, was broadcast in 130 countries, and proved to be popular among teenagers and adults. With a 16-year run and more than 150 episodes, Curious Buddies is the first animated series on FX and remains the longest-running original series on the channel to date, the longest-running British animated series, and is also one of the longest-running United States animated series.


A 30-year-old nerd named Simon has trouble taking care of five permanently spray-painted animals, each with their own different character traits that stick with them. They always like causing mischief around the house, and there's one question: from dealing with illegal scenarios, to finding the animals doing drugs, will he be able to get through this all?

List of characters


  • Dog (voiced by Phil Daniels in the British dub, Billy West in the American dub) - A green dog who is the oldest of the Curious Buddies. He is arrogant, self-centered, ignorant, loud-mouthed, immature, greedy, and sometimes takes things way too seriously.
  • Cat (voiced by Morwenna Banks in the British dub, Yeardley Smith in the American dub) - A pink, mostly calm cat who has PTSD. Whenever she is reminded of natural disasters, she goes "full-wolf", making her rampageous.
  • Bear (voiced by TBA in the British dub, TBA in the American dub) - TBA.
  • Pig (voiced by TBA in the British dub, TBA in the American dub) - TBA.
  • Elephant (voiced by TBA in the British dub, TBA in the American dub) - TBA.
  • Simon (voiced by Mark Heap in the British dub, Seth MacFarlane in the American dub) - TBA.

The supporting cast

  • TBA.

The antagonists

  • TBA.
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