Lunime Software is a video game developer & publisher who merged in Activision and Vivendi Games, all of the games are from Fight All-Stars franchise, Kirby 4ever 2 Game, Gacha Tools Havoc franchise games, Gacha Disney, Gingo World, The Moment Self: Mrs. Gina's Revenge, The Thousand Years Videogame, Rubik, Neo Crack, Nitro Rex, Adam G. Jr, and Destruction Subpast


  • Destruction Subpast (1992), published by Konami
  • Kirby Racing (1992), licensed and published by Nintendo
  • The Crave Who Doesn't Need Stuff (1994), published by Activision
  • Godzilla (1998), developed for Dreamcast and Game Boy Color
  • Adam Grimmers (developed since 1998)
  • Call Me Daisy (2000) (developed in Game Boy Color)
  • Belle and Sarah: Hire from the Pop Game (developed for the consoles)
  • Gingo World (published by Universal interactive)
  • Rubik (2002) (published by Rubik Games)
  • Gacha Whenever School (2002) (published by THQ)
  • The Adventures of Nero (2002) (published by Rubik Games)
  • Big Big Shawn (2003) (published by 413 Games and Activision)
  • That's What Girls Do: The Videogame (published by Activision)
  • Gacha Tools: Bulid with Luni (2004) (published by Capcom)
  • Neo Cract (2004) (published by Rubik Games)
  • Gacha Tools: Who's Distributing (2004) (published by Capcom)
  • Engane Insanity (2004) (published by THQ)
  • Gacha All-Stars Fighting (2005) (published by Vivendi Universal Games)
  • Neo Crack: Vigilant's Return
  • Kingdom C.O.M.E (2005) (published by 2K Games)
  • TBA
  • TBA
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