Lunime is an american game developer tv producer based on Gacha Lunime (by Lunime Montreal) and founded by Luni and Kinenz and tv shows produce like Cat Girl: Without Salad, The Moment Self, Gacha Life: The Motion TV Series, Just Kidding, Plan SAL, Folympic Busy, Manny, Gacha World Tour, Mighty Milky Way, Game Over!, Catscratch (reboot), The Picc & Pawket Show, Nerf Gacha Wars, Gacha Force Wars, Spin Wars crossover, Aladdin TV series


  • The Thousand Years (2014, produced by Oliver Bridge Productions, Right of Way Films, Castle Rock Entertainment, distributed by Focus Features)
  • The Moment Self (1997-2019/2017)
  • The Picc & Pawket Show (2018) (produced by Suzhou Hong Yang Animation, Atomic Cartoons, Newgrounds and distributed by Teletoon and Youtube Originals)
  • Spin Wars crossover with Gacha Life (2020)
  • Plan SAL (2006-2016) (produced by ShadowMachine, The Bloo, 6 Point Harness, Fremulon, Stoopid Monkey, Lunime Montreal and distributed by Williams Street)
  • Nerf Gacha Wars (upcoming 2019 web series) (produced by Frederator Studios, Scott Rudin, Teletoon, Allspark Pictures and distributed by Youtube Red Originals
  • Mighty Milky Way (2015-2018) (produced by AKOM, WayForward, MGM Television and distributed by WB Television and Netflix)
  • Game Over! (based on the meme video by Luni and upcoming 2019 TV series/produced by MPC, Remochoso, Cement City and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television)
  • Manny (TBA/produced by Hasbro Studios, DHX Media, 9 Story Media Group)
  • Cat Girl: Without Salad - Amnuse Bouche (2016-2019/produced by com2us Studios, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Stoopid Monkey, Starburns Industries, WayForward Technologies, Williams Street, Cartoon Network and distributed by Netflix
  • Gacha Force Wars (produced by Syncopy, MPC, Uh-Oh Productions, Lunime Montreal and distributed by Sony Pictures Television and 20th Century Fox Television)
  • Just Kidding (produced by Mutant Enemy, Kripke Enterpises and Williams Street)
  • Folympic Busy (produced by Lunime Montreal, MadHouse, 3 Arts Entertainment, Rideback and distributed by eOne)
  • Catscratch (produced by Digital eMation and distributed by Nickelodeon Productions)
  • Gacha Life (produced by Bardel Entertainment, Rough Draft Studios Korea and distributed by Nickelodeon Productions)
  • Curiosity (based on Gacha Horror/2020, produced by Color Force, Remochoso, Bad Robot, Big Kid Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, and distributed by Warner Bros. Television)
  • Aladdin (based on the 1992 and 2019 movie/2020, produced by Synergy Animation, Rideback, Disney Television Animation, Disney Junior, Disney Channel)

Films produced

  • The Back-up (2012/produced by Culter Productions, Lunime Montreal, BBC Films, Filmation Entertainment, Relativity Animation and distributed by Relativity Media and Rogue Pictures)
  • Rockstar Mercy - A Picc & Pawket Movie (2014/produced by Bold Films, Lunime Montreal, Black and White Productions, Oddlot Entertainment, Attention to Detail (ATD) Films, distributed by The Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures)
  • Just Kidding: Two of the Enenimes (2014/direct-to DVD video film, produced by ShadowMachine, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Lunime Montreal, distributed by Anchor Bay Films)
  • The Thousand Years (2014, produced by Oliver Bridge Productions, Right of Way Films, Castle Rock Entertainment, Bold Films, Studiocanal, distributed by Focus Features)
  • Plan SAL: Back to the Past (2015/produced by Stoopid Monkey, Shadowmachine, Radical Productions, The Bloo, distributed by Warner Primeire)
  • Spin Wars: The Movie (2015/produced by TDK Mediaware, Turner Entertainment, FamilySing, Spin Master Entertainment, TSG Entertainment, Culter Productions, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and 20th Century Fox)
  • The Most Chef (2015/produced by Gary & Gary Productions, Bold Films, Oddlot Entertainment, Good Universe and Gary Sanchez Productions and distributed by Summit Entertainment and Paramount Pictures)
  • The Thousand Years: All of Time (Direct-to film/2016/produced by Right of Way Films and Bold Films & distributed by Universal Pictures)
  • Gacha Factory (2016 short film produced by Media Rights Capital and Mercury Filmworks & distributed by 20th Century Fox)
  • Wazer (2016 film produced by Voltage Films, The Keenedy/Marshall Company, Jester Studios, Studio 8, Original Film, distributed by Focus Features)
  • Command Bomb (2018/produced by Original Film and Attention to Detail (ATD) Films, Stage 6 Films, Smokehouse Films and distributed by Columbia Pictures)
  • Too Work (2018/produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Lord Miller & distributed by Columbia Pictures)
  • Cat Girl: Without Salad - The Movie (2019/produced by Lunime Montreal, com2us, WayForward, Starburns Industries, TMS Entertainment, Sticky Pictures and Arad Productions & distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Netflix)
  • Just Kidding: The Movie (produced by Spin Master, Rideback, Lord Miller, Drone Films, Bold Films, FamilySing Entertainment, Turner Films, Williams Street and distributed by First Look Pictures)
  • Gacha Life: The Epic Movie (2019)
  • GachaVerse (2019, produced by Olive Bridge, Lunime Montreal, Remochoso, Tencent Pictures, distributed by Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox)
  • Gacha World (2020, produced by Bold Films, Studio Ghibi, Diler & Associados, Oddlot Kids, Legendary Pictures and distributed by Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox)
  • The Gacha Nerf Wars Movie (2020/produced by Frederator Studios, Scott Rudin, distributed by Allspark Pictures, Youtube Originals, Stage 6 Films, Columbia Pictures)
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