Linka Madness is an episode 54 who Peashooter and Cactus was searching Linka's bounty secrets and premiered in September 3, 2018 and animator director Andrew Overtoom directed this


  • Peashooter
  • Cactus
  • 1234kadilascope (cameo)
  • Ghost Linka Loud
  • Guy (No Help)
  • Wallnut
  • Chespin
  • Nurse Luck
  • Snow Pea


Into Cactus, she invites a friend on Skaipe (Skype parody) like best foes, Peashooter invents a web page named DeviantArt, which focuses a art and she's best friends, the search begins about Linka Loud and prints his images to make a slideshow and knocking the door and see and it was nothing, through the DeviantArt News website, see his video news, Behind thoughts, it's okay for that. see a footage of Linka Loud (L I N K A L O U D ) and Peashooter and Cactus is out now of house to go on a night past our 3:00 AM and see Wallnut and Chespin in a house's and see Linka Loud in the lifehouse and Cactus was scared and getting out but didn't work to be out of here, he saids "THAT'S MY LIFE, OH MY GOD, I WON'T EXIT" and pulled his friends to hide it and seek it and being silence in our house, exits and running of house, enter his house, closes every his windows and his life with Linka is out now

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