Keroppi: Let's Play Baseball 3D is a 3D animated sports comedy short film by Sanrio, directed by Masami Hata, and produced by Ean Manley. It is based on the episode, Keroppi: Let's Play Baseball from Keroppi and Friends. The short stars Jill Frappier, Elva Mai Hoover, Tracey Hoyt, Julie Lemieux, Jeff Lumby, Nadine Rabinovitch, and Ean Manley (though he is uncredited).


Two teams are prepared for the big baseball game and the Gammas sure looked ready to play, especially the Keroppies as well who sure looked ready for the big league in their new uniforms.

Later, Ruby announces today's game between the Gammas and Keroppies with Den Den to get her the slow motion replay. Benjamin "Boom Boom" Franklin starts the Keroppies off, but he gets three strikes in a row and he was out, and so were Curtis and Keroppi, but Soak tells everyone to stay positive. The Keroppies take the field and the Gammas are up now, but Newton was still having trouble getting the ball who still gave it a good shot. Alfred the catcher was next up and Keroppi was ready to throw some heat which made it a high fly up to center field. Soak was about to back Keroleen up, but the ball lands on her glove, and she was happy that she caught the ball. The Gammas still put together a couple of big hits, and they drive in Mighty Mike for the first run in the game.

Everyone was at the top of the ninth thinning with Keroppies at bat. Both teams have played excellent ball with the Gammas leading six to four, and Newton was coming to the plate which made everyone cheer for him. Just then, Junk arrives at the field, but Newton doesn't get out of the way which made the ball hit his bandage, making it fly away. He was still relieved that he made it to the game after all, and they missed having him around. Junk then apologizes to Newton for blowing, and Soak gets the idea to let him get in the game and he accepts it. Now back into the game wearing his uniform, Junk starts to play and keep his cool throughout the entire game. He had a good eye waiting for his pitch, and makes the team. The game starts to continue, and Newton finally catches the ball on his glove which made the Keroppies win by one.


  • Jill Frappier as Keroppi
  • Elva Mai Hoover as Newton and Den Den
  • Tracey Hoyt as Keroleen
  • Julie Lemieux as Soak
  • Jeff Lumby as Junk
  • Nadine Rabinovitch as Ruby
  • Ean Manley as Curtis, Kevin, and the Gammas (uncredited)


Ean Manley was fascinated with baseball, so he decided to make a 3D short about it featuring Keroppi the Frog. He also let the actors from the episode reprise their roles.

The short was promoted by Ean Manley himself by uploading a sneak peek of the short to YouTube.


The short was uploaded on YouTube in 2020. TBA

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