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This article is a transcript of the BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "It's a Foster Christmas" from season one, which aired on December 22, 2000.

Bob and Larry prologue 

(The scene fades in.)

[pans over live-action houses]

Narrator: And now, directly from Nashville, Tennessee, America's favorite vegetable and president of the BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fan club, Bob the Tomato. [The exterior of Bob's house is shown. The name "Bob" appears. Inside, Bob is wrapping presents]

Bob: [to the tune of "Jingle Bells"] [he notices he's on air] Oh! There you are. Just in time for the Christmas special. [he waves] I'm Bob the Tomato, president of the BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fan club! [Lary a Cucumber flies in]

Larry:  Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Bob: That's right, Larry! It is Christmas. [he limps over to the fireplace] And there ain't nothing better in the seven seas than a Toonvile Christmas. It sure is a magical time of year. [he blows on his pipe, and bubbles emerge]Why, I'll bet old Bloo is gearing up for Santa Claus right now! [He picks up a picture of Bloo. Cuts to Bloo, holding a remote]

Bloo: I sure am! [He presses a button on the remote. A large chimney rises from the ground next to Foster's, and a gigantic funnel pops out of it with the words "Welcome Santa" in neon letters and Christmas lights also appear] I'm ready! [Bob laughs]

Bob: Not bad for a creature that is imaginary. [he puts down Bloo's picture] And I'm sure our pal Shrek is doing his share of the decorating. [He picks up a picture of Shrek. Cuts to Shrek standing by his house with a dopey smile on his face. Zooms out to reveal a single ornament hanging from the antenna on top of his rock. It snaps off and hits the ground, and Shrek does the same as well. Now, Bob is mixing cookie dough] I too am also preparing for Christmas. [he lifts up the mixer] Hmm, unbaked cookie dough! [he takes a lick] Mmm...

Larry: Larry want cookie dough! [he flies over] Cookie! [Bob ducks]

Bob: Larry! No! [Larry flies back and forth]

Larry: Cookie! 

Bob: Get out of here!

Larry: Cookie!

Bob: Larry!

Larry: Give me a lick!

Bob: Back off, you flying cucumber freak! [Larry flies on the counter]

Larry: uhhh Clarify please.

Bob: [the cookies are shaped like Mac, Bloo, Eric Cartman, SpongeBob, Homer, and Jenny] This here cookie dough is for the children, not for pesky cucumbers. [Cuts to Hans reaching over and ringing a bell. Bob looks out the window] What's that? Three bells! Well, we all know what three bells means!

Children: [off-screen] Free ice cream! [Bob laughs]

Bob: No, you silly organisms. [sternly] NO!

Larry: Man overboard? [Bob walks over to a desk]

Bob: You, I'm ignoring. [he sits down] No, it means it's time to open...


Bob: Viewer mail! [Larry flies over with a letter]

Children: YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!

Larry: [squawks] Here you go! [Bob tugs at it]

Bob: Thank you, Larry. [Larry is not letting go] Yeah. Okay Larry, thank you! [Larry squawks, still not letting go] Come on, give it, you veggiebrain! [Larry squawks some more] Quiet, you big, living, breathing, vai-gee-tai-bale! [He uses his pair of scissors on the end, to snip Larry's rope. Larry screams and falls to the ground. Bob nods] Hmm. [he sits back down] This letter comes to us from...

Narrator: [as voiceover] Crispin, aged 34. [Bob tears the envelope open, pieces of it flying all over. he grabs a pair of reading glasses ]

Bob: And he writes, "Dear Bob, I am thirty-four years old, and I was wondering if you like Christmas as much as I do. Sincerely, yours truly..."

Narrator: [as voiceover] Name and address withheld! [Bob gets up and takes off his glasses.]

Bob: A very good question. But you know they didn't always celebrate Christmas in Toonvile

Larry: What? They didn't?

Bob: No sir, my fine vegetable little neck pain. [He pulls down Larry as well as his animator (Who is Vincent Waller), falls to the ground. Bob hangs a homemade Mac, Bloo, Eric Cartman, SpongeBob, Homer, and Jenny ornaments on a Christmas tree. Zooms out, showing the entire tree, which is decorated with many similar Bloo, as well as ornaments featuring Shreek and The Edds, and a few gift boxes] There was a time when no one had even heard of Christmas in Toonvile and one time it was almost canceled FOREVER!. Hey! Who wants to hear the story of Bloo's very first Christmas? [Cuts to Larry, who looks very drowsy and with bloodshot eyes. Bob turns around] Larry? [he sees an empty bowl of cookie dough, accompanied by a foghorn noise] You ate all me cookie dough! [Larry is now stuffed, as he then falls on the Floor]

Larry: Squ-ouch! [Bob shrugs]

Bob: Oh, well. On with the show. By the way, keep those cards and letters coming!


Act 1

  • Narrator: T’was a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams. For the story that you are about to be told, took place in the world of Bloo J. Now, you've probably wondered where Bloo J has been. If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun.
  • Mayor of Halloween Town: Terrible news folks. Our Halloween special has been cancelled. Terrible, terrible news.
  • Zero: (Bark)
  • Jack Skellington: No Zero, not now.
  • Zero: (Bark)
  • Jack Skellington: What is this? (Looks at a poster for the Foster's Christmas special and laughs evilly)
  • Bloo: (laugh) Today, I'm gonna sneak up and get that Sandy with a super sneak...
  • Shrek: Aww, I got dead again! My Fat stinks! (Crashes into a rock and is sent screaming into the mouth of a hideous creature as the caption "GAME OVER!" appears. It turns out to be a game Bloo is playing)
  • Bloo: Ooh Barnacles. (Hits his TV and runs to a building with a billboard saying "Bros b4 hoes") What diabolical act is she committing now?
  • TBA

Act 2

Bob and Larry epilogue

(The scene fades to Bob's house again. It is revealed that Larry has significantly lost weight. A sailboat with a homemade Bloo and Mac moves in front of a picture of the island, which has a bunch of presents on it.)

Bob: Mambo! Dig-da-da-dee-de-dee-dig-da-da-dee-de-dee! Whoopsie!

Bloo: [as a puppet] Ahoy, Mac! It's Christmas Island!

Mac: [also a puppet] Presents, ahoy.

Bloo:  [as a puppet] Hooray! [Bob starts imitating a storm poorly] Oh, a storm!

Mac:  [as a puppet] Yay! I mean yikes!

Bob: [makes more sound effects and begins speaking in his own voice] Oh, we're going down! [He keeps making noises. Zoom out to show the boat is on Bob's head] Trim the sails! Hoist the yardarms! Turn on the Weather Channel! [he screams]

Man on Set: [off-screen] Bob? What are you doing?

Larry: So, Bob, did you, um... like that?

Bob: I sure did. By the way, I set my alarm so I could do Viewer Mail time in a bit. (looks at the camera) Did you like it? [He takes the boat off his head}

Unknown viewer (off-screen): Guys, did you see that? Any of you? He's just broken the fourth wall.

Another viewer (off-screen): I did, but guess what? That's just part of the show. It's all fiction.

(Bob's alarm goes off.)

Bob: Well, there goes the alarm. That means... IT'S VIEWER MAIL TIME!

Narrator (while handing Bob over a letter): Here's a letter.

Bob: Thanks, narrator. This letter comes to us from...

Narrator: Michael, aged 21.

Michael (off-screen): OH MY GOD!!!! THEY'VE GOT IT!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! (laughs maniacally with excitement)

Bob: I can feel that. Anyway, time to rip apart this envelope. (He tears apart the envelope, bits of paper floating onto the ground.) "Dear Homer, have you ever thought of doing donut samples?". I think Homer would love to do that. I'm pretty sure about what you just said.

Larry: Exactly.

Bob: Also, if you want to send in your mail, here's our address.

(The scene shows the mail address.)

Bob: When writing your letter, tell us your name and age, and also who the mail is for. I'm sure it'll be obvious, but tell us anyway. So, yeah.

(The scene cuts back to Bob's house.)

Bob: So, you know what I say. Keep those cards and letters coming!

Larry: By the way, Merry Christmas!

Bob: I think you're forgetting a huge part.

(The Foster's gang appear out of nowhere, and gather with Bob for a pose.)

The Foster's gang: Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

(The scene briefly flashes, giving the impression of taking a photo with a camera. The scene then zooms out, revealing that it is a picture with a white outline. It then fades out.)

(The closing credits play, succeeded by the closing logos.)

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