Illumination Cartoon Animation

Illumination Cartoon Animation is an American animation studio which, unlike its division Illumination Entertainment, provides 2D and hand-drawn animation.

The animation style resembles its sister companies Universal Cartoon Studios/Universal Animation Studios/Walter Lantz Productions, along with many other animation studios, such as Warner Bros. Cartoons/Warner Bros. Animation, MGM Cartoons/MGM Animation/Visual Arts, Hanna-Barbera, Terrytoons, and Screen Gems Cartoons.

They are best known for their theatrical shorts series, Illuminatoons.

List Of Cartoon’s

  • Illuminatoons (2014-present) - A series of theatrical shorts that has the same concept as many other cartoon short series, featuring some of the best Illumination cartoon characters, such as Bob Bear, Bob Jr., Tubby Two-Chins, Victor the Velociraptor, and many more.
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