In reality, Nelvana still exists. However, in this AU version, Nelvana would go bankrupt. Here are the changes that would happen.

What would happen?

  • The reason why Nelvana would go bankrupt would be because of a slow decline in employees as well as the company in general going into a downward spiral.
  • Nelvana would be put up for sale by Corus Entertainment, and the company would later enter an agreement to merge with Cuppa Coffee Studios.
    • Shortly after the merger closes, Nelvana would become a subsidiary of Cuppa Coffee Studios. The latter would then fold Nelvana into their own operations.
    • Cuppa Coffee would acquire Nelvana's stakes in Qubo and Redknot, as well as the 1,650 half-hours of programming that Nelvana is known for.
    • This would create the second largest independent producer of children's programming in the industry, rivalling DHX Media.
    • Canadian networks like YTV, Teletoon, and Treehouse would produce shows on their own or with others, instead of Cuppa Coffee Studios.
  • TBA.
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