Hot Jenny is a BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode from season one.


Thinking Bloo does not find her attractive anymore, Jenny decides to get liposuction, but instead receives breast implants/ body improvements. She becomes adored by many of the men in Toonvile and becomes a spokesmodel for trade shows. Meanwhile, Mac, The Eds, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman try to imitate a stunt they saw on an episode of Batman that guest stars  Mickey Mouse When the stunt ends badly, media watchdog groups blame  Mickey,Goofy and Donald are forced to make their show The Hosue of Mouse and Disney movies more safety-conscious and less fun.


Bob and Larry prologue

At his home in Nashville, Tennessee, Bob the Tomato tells the audience that they will be watching one of his favorite episode, "Hot Jenny," but Larry shoots him out of a cannon. After this, Bob reads a fan letter, which is from Sarah, age 20.

Hot Jenny

The episode opens with Jenny completely silent, pretending that she has lost her voice. During this, using signs, she looks to the audience and says that she is depressed because Bloo thinks he does not find her attractive anymore.

Jenny confesses that she has not lost her voice and worries that Bloo has lost interest in her, so on Heidi's advice she chooses to get liposuction. She tries to ask some questions first, but has the mask put on and is put under before she could finish.


Bob and Larry epilogue

Bob returns to greet the audience. After a totally random outburst in which he tells the audience to walk the plank, he announces that they are going to read a fan letter. Unfortunately, Larry shows up with a fuse in his head from an evidently unplanned explosives stunt. Bob tells the audience that he is not going to yell "LAAAARYYYY!". The explosion causes a power outage, covering the scene in black smoke. Due to this, Bob can no longer prevent it, signing off the show in the process.



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