Fosterics Beyond (also known as The Fosterics: Ultimate Beginning outside of North America) is an upcoming 2020 live-action 2D-animated/motion capture supernatural comedy-drama science-fiction action-adventure superhero horror thriller film.


The original Foster's Gang, retire after the fourth film. Twenty years later in 2047, an asteroid lands on Earth and into a waterfall, causing a tsunami and releasing supernatural waves.

Instead of destroying Earth, it happens to alter the lives of many different citizens forever. The characters reunite and discover their identity, the Foster's gang, after the tsunami.

The original Foster's Gang helps them fight off a gang of Bendyz (street punks enamored of the original Prince of Crime). After Rev Kazoo's father is murdered, The descendant versions seek the original Foster's gang's help to avenge him. Alongside that, a mysterious squirrel calls the descendants to form a new superhero team, named the Fosterics. Now, they must work together to halt the destructive forces that are arising.


Continuing the post-credits scene from the first film, the camera zooms down from the home as the ground breaks and then explodes, with a laser beam that has shadows of the gang in it rising from the ground.

Frankie Foster is surprised by this, and then finds them levitating as the beam disappears. Frankie then asks "Who are you?", when the gang replies with "We're the gang... from the future!". The gang then turns back to their normal selves. She is then shocked to hear this.



  • Ryan Reynolds as Mech Mason, the descendant of Mac. Before the tsunami, he also worked as an inventor. (live-action)
  • David Tennant as Rev Kazoo, the descendant of Bloo. Before the tsunami, he also worked as an actor in films and TV shows. (motion capture animated)
  • Snoop Dogg as Wade Wham, the descendant of Wilt. Before the tsunami, he was also a basketball player. (motion capture animated)
  • Fred Tatasciore as Smash-Ed, the descendant of Eduardo. Before the tsunami, he was also a sumo wrestler, following the death of his creator. (motion capture animated)
  • Jessica Chastain as Lexi, the descendant of Coco. Before the tsunami, she was also the pet of a boy named Maverick. (motion capture animated)
  • Seth MacFarlane as Super Simpson, the descendant of Homer Simpson. Before the tsunami, he also owned a donut shop. (2D-animated)
  • Andy Milonakis as Impact Cartman, the descendant of Eric Cartman. Before the tsunami, he also opened 20 Broadway musicals. (live-action)



The film initially received an NC-17 rating by the MPAA due to the nonstop graphic violence, the extremely dark and serious tone, excessive use of profanity, realistic sex scenes, nudity, and strong use of drugs. This is also because of the visibility of pubic hair in the sex scenes. This caused Paramount and Warner Bros. to forcibly tone down the sex scenes and remove some of the profanity.

This is said to be the darkest timeline in the Fosterverse.


  • All CGI characters are motion capture animated.
  • The 2D-animated characters are redrawn in an anime-influenced animation style.
  • The film takes inspiration from Loonatics Unleashed and Batman Beyond, as well as films such as Logan.
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