Foster's: The Mac and Bloo Show is a 2018 American adult-animated action-dramedy crossover show and a remake of the original BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends series. It was created by Bloo J and Ed-Olive Chadwick and developed by Garrett Chadwick.

This was among Garrett Chadwick's final works before he died in December 2018.

It airs on RaunchyBloo (formerly The Bloo Detour), premiering in March 2018.


A boy named Mac sends his beloved imaginary friend Bloo to live at an orphanage consisting of all kinds of imaginary friends, while his owner regularly visits him on a daily basis. The show follows the misadventures of Mac, Bloo, and the others that live in the house.







Animation is primarily done at Spümcø, due to the animation being influenced by the Golden Age of American animation. However, The Bloo provided animation services in case if animation was difficult, contracting various foreign studios.

The studios that were contracted during production were Snipple Animation Studios, Rough Draft Korea, Hong Ying Animation, AKOM, Film Roman, TMS Entertainment, and Mercury Filmworks, all of which are used on and off.

The series is animated with 3 different animation softwares, those being TVPaint Animation, DigiCel FlipBook, and Toon Boom Harmony.


The theme music is composed by John Debney, while the music for the show is composed by Guy Moon, John Debney, and Lorne Balfe.



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