Flood Escape is an 18-thriller action black drama adventure wizard series who based on the video teaser trailer to Youtube by SonaDrawzStuff on his channel and the video who published on December 2, 2018 founded, that will be produced by Slap Happy Cartoons Inc, Cement City, Cement will composite the music series, ROBLOX, Remochoso by Ed Skudder and Nick Keller, Shankar Animation, Powerhouse Animation, Project 51 Productions and starring Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny, Tom Holland, Ed Skudder, Sheen Vincent, Jake T. Austin, Ava Acres, Sean Astin and the Twitter channel is and


  • Cement City is on Youtube and Facebook will be a music composer for dubstep, trap, instrumental
  • Slap Happy Cartoons Inc., the creators of The Hollow, Nerds & Monsters, No Trio Step, The Trio (RyanLego Series), Tamagotchi and Friends (Season 11/2019)
  • This is based on the game by CrazyBlox Games, Behaviour Interactive on ROBLOX
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