Dead Toons Don't Pay Bills is an upcoming American live-action/hand-drawn animated comedy-drama fantasy mystery film, which is based on the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit?.

Talks for a second adaptation of Who Censored Roger Rabbit? began in 2010, when production of a sequel of the original film halted years ago.

The film will be released with Tim Burton directing, while actors like Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others, were in discussion with Steven Spielberg to play Valiant.

Amblin Entertainment will reunite with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures for production of the film. However, unlike the original film, Touchstone Pictures will have no involvement since the company closed down in 2016, because their later movies flopped.

The film is scheduled to be released on September 25th, 2020 by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It will be dedicated to Bob Hoskins, Stubby Kaye, and Alan Tilvern.

The film combines live-action with hand-drawn animation.


Edward Valiant is a hardboiled private eye, and Roger Rabbit is a second banana comic strip character.

Things are going just right in Toontown, until suddenly, it is reported that Roger Rabbit has been stabbed to death by Judge Doom and his son.

The world must be saved by Valiant before the villainous duo plant a bomb on Toontown.



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