Coco is a preschool channel owned by Bloo Media. The channel is a spin-off of The Bloo Jr., which airs preschool programming.


In 2001, Comedy Partners (through The Bloo) announced that they had entered into a partnership with production companies Sesame Workshop and HIT Entertainment to launch a new preschool channel based on The Bloo Jr., named Coco. The channel was launched a year later, in 2002. TBA.


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When the channel was launched, the programming consisted almost entirely of titles from the libraries of Sesame Workshop and HIT Entertainment, with occasional reruns of The Bloo Jr. and Jim Henson series. The three providers had over 6000 hours of library material to broadcast, and did not produce original programming until a full year on the air had passed.



  • This is the first channel to be spun-off from The Bloo, the second being Cross.
  • The channel timeshares with Wilt.
  • TBA.
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