BlooJ’s Foster's Rewritten Imaginary Friends (known as The Art of Bloo J’s Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends in international territories) is a popular 2007 action-adventure fantasy comedy-drama thriller science-fiction novel written by Bloo J, Gary K. Wolf, and Michael Crichton. 

In 2020, the novel was adapted into a film. 


9-year-old Mac F. Daddy lives a peaceful and energetic life with his family, dog, and friends Leopold Slikk, the Edds, and the South Park boys. The next day, he wakes up on his 10th birthday and finds a present in the kitchen. He opens it, and it is revealed to be an imaginary friend named Bloo. However, three years later, it is revealed that Mac has outgrown his age to have an imaginary friend and thus has to send Bloo away. After they come across a commercial for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that in Toonville, so Mac decides to send Bloo in and Mac and his friends move to Toonville and Foster's, where they meet many new friends. However, trouble brews when he finds out that the main owner of Toonville, Dave Cartoon, has been beheaded by Stuart Snyder, a tyrannical madman and genocidal dictator who hates all cartoons, also meaning that he has killed some of the cartoon characters too. Evil forces begin to rise when Stuart Snyder is plotting to destroy Toonville, the town that everyone lives in, and replace it with a live-action themed world, named Snyderville and a Freeway. However, that's not all. Two months ago, Bendy and his friends found out that their show, Bendy Pack, got canceled due to lack of story ideas, thus changing their lives and making them sadistic sociopaths that are desperate on slaughtering the popularity, and despite the "help" they got from The Real Team, they were worthless to them, saying that they have to do everything themselves. With this in place, Mac, Bloo, and his new friends have no choice but to team up, obliterate Stuart Snyder, Bendy, and the other villains, and save Toonville from utter chaos.


A few years before the events of the novel, a series of strange attacks occur on the nearby fictional city of Toonville.

Elsewhere, Mac was playing with his friends outside. They have no idea that this is happening. The next day, he wakes up on his 10th birthday, and he finds a present in the kitchen. It is revealed to be a blue imaginary friend, who he names Bloo.


After the defeat of Bendy, Terrence and his team are arrested for attempted murder on Mac, and Frankie becomes Mac's new babysitter.

Meanwhile, in hell, Bendy is questioning to himself about where he is.


BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2020 film)

The novel's plot is used as the storyline in the 2020 movie adaptation of BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The film stays faithful to the plot.

Differences between the novel and the show

  • The novel has a much more darker and violent tone than the original show.
  • The imaginary friends originally just came from various characters' imagination, but in the novel, they are actual creatures that form once someone imagines them.
  • Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 was sixteen years old in the 2000s show, however, she is 23 years old in the novel.
  • Mac was originally eight years old in the show, but in the novel, he is nine, later ten.


  • The novel, along with the 2020 movie adaptation, is canon to the BFHFIF franchise.
  • In some countries the novel is known as The Art of BlooJ’s Foster’s Home.
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