These are the opening logos from BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Rewritten.


(Google logo)

(The Google logo glitches, with its color scheme becoming blue and white.)

(A musical piece starts playing, composed by Brian Tyler.)

(The Google logo morphs and the camera zooms in on it, as a giant flash appears.)

(The giant flash fades away to reveal the YouTube Studios logo, changing colors.)

(Paramount Pictures logo: As the Paramount text zooms out, the logo rapidly changes colors and is seen paying homage to previous Paramount logos.)

(The logo's variant appears, as the CBS/Viacom byline fades in.)

(The Paramount logo freaks out and the several mountains on either side of the logo combine with the logo, which reveals the Paramount Players logo forming slowly. The CBS/Viacom byline appears.)

(Warner Bros. Pictures logo: A picture of Foster's is seen rippling, and the Warner Bros. Pictures logo continues as normal, but as soon as the WarnerMedia byline fades in, Bloo comes out of the shield and eats a wrap, and the logo freaks out, pays homage to previous WB logos, and flips around, as Bloo flies off.)

(As the shield flips around, it reveals the Warner Action shield, corrupting. The "WARNER ACTION" text is drawn, and Bugs, Daffy, and Porky all fall from the sky, screaming. The WarnerMedia byline fades in.)

After the first scene...

(The Bloo Films logo: The logo is shortened, but glitchy, and a lot more blue.)

(Village Roadshow Pictures logo: The logo is blue and glitchy, and the version of the logo is the 1985 version.)

(MTV Films logo: The eyes are replaced with characters from the film. Also, the logo flashes, and is blue.)


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