This is the closing sequence for the upcoming film, BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Rewritten.


(After the last scene, the scene fades to space.)

(As "Party in the House" by Owl City plays, the film's logo appears.)

(The symbol then appears and takes the logo's place.)

("THE END" fades in.)

(The camera zooms out and into the void. Mac and Bloo's outlines get drawn out, and then they come to life, holding up a sign with the directors' credits on it.)

Directed by
Bloo J
Ed-Olive Chadwick
Tim Burton
Michael Bay
Sam Raimi
George Miller
Andy Serkis

(Bloo puts Mac on his back, and they fly off.)

(Pans to a scene with Bendy, where he gets electrocuted, and burnt. The ashes form the producers' credits.)

Produced by
Ed-Olive Chadwick
Guillermo del Toro
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
J.J. Abrams
Michael Bay
Steven Spielberg
Roy Lee
David Katzenberg
James Cameron
Stephen King


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