Here are trailer transcripts for the upcoming film, BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2019 film)

Teaser Trailer 1

(MPAA rating)

(Paramount Pictures logo)

(Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

Text: IN JUNE 2019...

Bloo: Umm... is there anything we could really do? Have a dance party!

(The camera moves over to SpongeBob, who is grimacing.)

Bloo: O...K?

(Cut to black.)

Narrator: In June 2019...

(Shows some brief shots of a reddish-yellow figure. The first is on its legs, then its back, then its eyes. They widen, and an explosion occurs, which dims the screen to black.)

(A large fiery boulder crashes into a stone-made house, leaving behind a patch of flames.)

Narrator: A robotic clone will invade the home!

(At the outside of a museum, the character is revealed to be Demented Chaos, who turns her hair into a vine, grabs onto a window of the museum, and shocks it, shattering the glass. In the museum, several visitors are shocked, to the point where their eyes stick out of their heads. Everybody begins panicking, to the point where some even pass out. Then, she begins flying to a statue of Walt Disney, and makes it crumble gradually by using Stompers to pound on it.)

Narrator: And her name is Demented Chaos!

(Outside of the museum, police cars, S.W.A.T. vans, police motorcycles, and dogs are seen, coming to arrest Demented.)

Demented Chaos: Oh shit! It looks like the police are coming! Well, I'm dead meat on a stick.

(Cut to the logo, with electricity crackling around it. Cut again to the credits and logos. We wait for 3 seconds to pass, and thus, the trailer is over.)

Teaser Trailer 2

(MPAA rating)

(Paramount Pictures logo)

(Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

Bloo: I like 'em big... I like 'em chunky... I like 'em round... I like 'em funky...

(Cut to SpongeBob, who, again, appears grimacing.)


Bloo: Dude, stop breaking the fourth wall. Anyway, roll it, Smokey.

Text/narrator: In June 2019, things are about to blow up.

(We cut to a view of 5 familiar characters. A few shots materialize, and then a full view is revealed.)


Official Trailer


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