Bloo, Mac, Jenny, and Zilla is a BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode from season two


In the middle of the night, an unseen creature lurks into Toonvile and causes havoc, taking gigantic bites out of everything in sight. Soon it appears at Foster's and decimates the house, Bloo waking up just in time to see the beast. The next morning at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, he tells the frightened crowd of the monster that he saw, and the townspeople corroborate his tale of woe. They agree that they need a plan to protect themselves from this monster.

Mr. Harmen And Frankie Foster trie to take advantage of the situation and make cash by sell TBA but is pelted with sodas for his greed. As everyone struggles to plan, Ren Stimpy and Patrick suggest physically pushing the town to a safer location, but this idea is immediately shot down by Homer. Among the other suggestions is that someone should take on the beast, and that someone willing to do the job turns out to be Jenny. She shows the crowd that one of her pigtails has also been eaten by Zilla, and vows to go defeat it to get one of her pigtails back. Nearly everyone cheers, but Bloo and Mac are terrified and asks Jenny to reconsider. Jenny doesn't stay to listen to his pleas and rushes out, so Bloo and Mac goes after her. The townspeople then decide, as a backup plan, to follow Ren Stimpy and Patrick's suggestion and start shoving the city out of harm's way.


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