The Start of a New Era: Part 1 is the first episode of Ben 10: Evolution.


Narrator: We all know Ben Tennyson. We sure do.

Text: 15 years ago...

(Black and white clips of Ben 10 episodes are seen.)

Narrator: He's a kid who found a watch that turned him into aliens, in a touch of the core. That's the Omnitrix. After using it sometime, his fame grew, becoming well-known. He is one hero not to forget. The Omnitrix he wore was just level 1, meaning that he only had 10 aliens to use, no matter where he would go. But, where is he now?

Ben (whispering): That was 15 years ago, which is a very long time. You'll be surprised about my life now. If you want proof, here you go.

(Ben snaps his fingers and the music stops.)


Ben 10
He's somebody who just wants to have fun
But his superpowered team will get any job done!
When chaos takes place
Any team member will hit it in the face
(Ben 10, Ben 10, Ben 10)
Yeah, he's the one, Ben 10!


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