Alvin and the Chipmunks: Ethereal Odyssey is an upcoming American musical comedy film directed by James Bobin.


Music sensations Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have been living with Dave for a long time, since they were adopted. During the season of spring, Alvin has made up a new event, called the Spring-Summer Vacation. Once Dave is told about this, he is sketchy about it, due to the fact that vacations usually happen during summer. However, Simon tells him that the vacation that they are going on is already booked... and what is it? An expedition through space! Dave is surprised and shocked about this at first... but once realizing that he has never journeyed through space before, he changes his mind, and says that he's definitely going. Along with the Chipettes, the four pack their bags and embark on an ethereal odyssey, relaunching their popularity. But however, while taking a detour in the vacuum of space, their vacation is unexpectedly turned upside down by Ian Hawke, who has secretly followed the furry crew, wanting to let them fall into the void. Will they be able to lose him?



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